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Best Driving Strategies to Avoid Car Crashes

By Alexander D. Napolin, Esq. | December 27, 2015
Best Driving Strategies

Develop the following Habits to Avoid Auto Accidents Best Driving Strategies – Car crashes happen for all sorts of reasons. The accident statistics are staggering. Usually it is a combination of unfortunate circumstances that lead to a collision. To lessen the chances that you will fall victim to an accident out on the streets, we…


Get Money for Lost Wages Following an Auto Accident

By Alexander D. Napolin, Esq. | December 24, 2015

How a Lawyer Can Help Recover Lost Income Lost Wages Following an Auto Accident – California law allows for the recovery of lost wages caused by auto accidents. But wage claims are a complex endeavor. Napolin Law Firm has experience litigating income damages claims. Call us today at 909-325-6032 if you are losing income due to an automobile,…


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