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The most bizarre workers compensation claims filed

Work Injury Claim


Workers Compensation was created as a social insurance for workers to be protected. It covers their medical expenses in case of an injury caused by a workplace accident. To be granted compensation, you must file a workers compensation claim to recover your damages. However, not all claims are straightforward or normal. There are lots of bizarre workers compensation claims that have been filed. 

Successful bizarre workers compensation claims

Business Trip went wrong

In 2007, an employee filed a workers’ compensation claim after spending an interesting night in a hotel room paid by her employer for a business trip. The female employee claimed to have been hit in the face by a lamp from the wall while having rough sex.

Naturally, the woman’s employer denied her claim. The employer stated that her injuries were not sustained as a result of work. However, the judge overturned the claim. He argued, “no approval, express or implied, of the respondent’s conduct was required.”

Vending Machines can break your hip

A 90-year old employee at Circus City filed a workers comp claim after fracturing his hip getting chips from the vending machine. The 90-year old employee was trying to shake his vending machine snack loose in the break room.

How is that related to work? Well, he fractured his hip while he was trying to help a coworker. Interestingly, the case was closed by an arbitrator ruling in his favor.

Work Injury Claim

Work Injury Claim

Hot Dog Trip and Fall

A J.C. Penny employee (decorator) tripped over a hot dog at home as she walked to her garage. Her garage was considered “work environment” because the decorating materials were temporarily stored there. Tripping over the hot dog led to breaking her waist. Surprisingly, she was awarded compensation for her broken waist injured at home.

Wendy’s Lye cup in the break room

In the break room of Wendy, an employee mistakenly drank a cup of lye. Lye is a substance known as liquid super death. The employee suffered third degree burns to her esophagus.

This case is not bizarre in its nature because the injuries were sustained as a direct result of lack of safety in the workplace.

Bears and Weed don’t mix too well

The Great Bear Adventures employs bear feeders to feed their bears. An employee made the mistake to smoke weed before coming to work. While doing his job, the employee was attacked by the bear before he was rushed to safety. Despite how bizarre this claim is, he was awarded $65,000.