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Product Liability Attorney explains Safety Concerns of Keyless Cars

Safety Concerns of Keyless Cars


The majority of cars manufactured within the past few years are keyless cars. In other words, they have a keyless ignition system. If your car is fairly new, then you are probably familiar with this. Instead of using the key to turn on your car, these cars have a push button that turns the can on and off. Like any new innovation, keyless cars have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

Understanding how keyless ignition cars work

The keyless cars work by allowing you to drive without inserting the key into the ignition slot. Your car keys are therefore with you when you lock, unlock and start your car. Keyless cars work through several antennas inside the car as well as a radio pulse generator in the key housing. In some car models, if you press on any sensor on a door handle, trunk or a button, your car will automatically unlock. Keyless cars are equipped with a mechanical backup. Each car comes with a spare key blade in case the smart key doesn’t work.

The advantages of keyless ignition systems

The pioneers of keyless cars designed and manufactured them to introduce convenience to driving. Why are these cars convenient? First, they have the hands-free operation feature. So, when you come out from work or from a grocery store and your hands are full of stuff, you do not need to look for your keys to turn your car. You can simply tap a button to unlock your car. Second, keyless cars are designed for security. Manufacturers equipped them with an electronic key fob which the vehicle recognizes and thus authorizes driving . This means the likelihood for theft is reduced. Third, these cars have an automatic locking feature. This means that even when you forget to lock your car, it automatically does it for you.


The disadvantages of keyless cars

Unfortunately, there are many drawbacks to keyless cars. Some of those are safety hazards to consider; that in severe cases can be fatal too. But before discussing the safety hazards, there are cons to keyless cars. First, these cars tend to be more expensive on average. The long term maintenance of these cars can be pricey. The electric component will eventually wear out and you will have to replace the entire system. Second, there is a high chance that your car is still running when you thought it is not. Most of these cars are very quiet. So when you park in a busy street or parking lot, you could possibly leave your engine on. Unless your car is equipped with the shut off safety feature, you and the people around you are in danger. Leaving the engine on could result in releasing carbon monoxide into your house which is very dangerous. Finally, it is ironic that the advantage of security is also a disadvantage to keyless cars. Because keyless ignition cars often utilize computerized controls, hackers are learning new ways to steal these cars.

Government regulations to keyless cars

Safety experts have discussed over 34 reported deaths in America due to carbon monoxide accidents. For that reason the NHTSA proposed new standards for keyless cars. The proposition pushed for a congressional bill called “Protecting Americans from the Risks of Keyless Ignition Technology Act”. The act was introduced to protect American consumers from the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and rollaways.

Speak to an experienced product liability or car accident lawyer in Orange

If you or someone you know have fallen a victim to an accident involving a kyless car, make sure to consult an experienced attorney. Keyless car accidents involve product liability like those carbon monoxide poisoning cases. They can even involve accidents for drivers negligence and rollaway. Whatever your case may be, if you sustained injuries as a result of an accident, you have legal rights. Call 844-984-4878 for a free consultation.