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Understand the Statistics of Smartphone use auto accidents

Understand the Statistics of Smartphone use auto accidents

Understand the Statistics of Smartphone use auto accidents

In a world of smartphones, communicating with others is a click away. However, smart phone use while driving can be dangerous. In one year, more than 3,400 people died in a car accident as a result of texting while behind the wheel. In addition, about 400,000 others got injured or disabled because of smartphone use auto accidents.

Smartphone use auto accidents and injuries in numbers

The National Safety Council found that 1.6 million car accidents are caused by cell phone use. And more than 350,000 people were injured in one year as a result of a driver who was texting. To highlight how dangerous this is, texting and driving is six times more likely to lead to a smartphone use auto accident. In 2016, more than 250 teenagers were killed.

The Statistics of Smartphone Use in the United States

According to the National Occupant Protection Use Survey, 5% of drivers hold their smartphones to their ears. That means drivers of 660,000 cars are prone to smartphone use auto accidents.

  • One in two drivers answer his/her calls while driving
  • Three in five young drivers answer their calls
  • One in four drivers place calls while driving
  • One in three young drivers place calls as they drive

Texting and Driving

The NHTSA found that almost 50% of drivers text or email while behind the wheel. Unsurprisingly, younger drivers underestimate the risks of smartphone use auto accidents. More than 50% of NHTSA survey respondents claimed that texting does not affect their driving performance. However, 90% of people say they feel unsafe being in a car while a driver texts.

GPS Devices and other Navigation Tools

Navigation units like GPS is one of the worst distractions for a driver. Studies found that programming a GPS makes you 23 more likely to be involved in smartphone use auto accidents. Programming navigation causes more than 100,000 auto accidents. For that reason, it is always advised to program your navigation prior to driving. And when it is necessary to make directional changes, pull over first.

Consult with an experienced auto accident attorney for free

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