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Auto Accidents

Have you been injured in an auto accident? You should know your rights under California personal injury law! In this article you learn how my firm helps with Auto Accidents. - Alexander D. Napolin, Esq.

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    Auto Accidents Happen... Get Legal Help Immediately!

    Vehicle Accidents

    Vehicle Accidents

    If you have been involved in the many auto accidents or traffic collisions on our local freeways, it is always safe to consult with an experienced attorney immediately. Do not be fooled by the insurance company.  They do not care about you. Their only goal is to settle your case quickly and for the least amount possible. At Napolin Accident Lawyer, Attorney Alexander D. Napolin will personally deal with the insurance company on your behalf to protect your rights and make sure you get the justice you deserve.

    Napolin Law Firm Can Help You

    When you retain Napolin Accident Lawyer, Mr. Napolin will help you with the following:

    • Handle all Communications with the Insurance Company – As soon as you our office, you will never have to talk to an insurance agent again about your case. You won’t ever have to hear someone who cares nothing about you tell you how lousy your case is and that there is no way you could have been injured in the accident. We will handle all further communications with the insurance company so you can focus on obtaining the medical treatment you need to get better.
    • Medical Treatment – No health insurance? No problem. Napolin knows qualified doctor to provide you with treatment.
    • Property Damage – Napolin Accident Lawyer facilitates the repair of your vehicle through either your insurance or the other driver’s insurance.  We will also make sure you have access to a rental car while your car is being fixed.
    • Loss of Earnings – Napolin helps you obtain disability benefits while you can’t work due to your injuries. When your case is ready to settle, we will obtain all necessary employment records from your employer to support your claim.
    • Negotiate a Settlement – Once you have finished your medical treatment, Napolin Accident Lawyer obtains all of your records and bills and, after personally consulting with you, will prepare a settlement demand package to be sent to the other driver’s insurance company. If the insurance company won’t offer you a fair amount to resolve your case, we file a lawsuit for you and pursue your case until you are fairly compensated.

    When Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney is Justified

    Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

    Hire an Auto Accident Attorney

    Hire an Auto Accident Attorney

    Some people are skeptical about hiring an attorney for a motor vehicle crash. This is a common feeling to have when confronted for the first time with the prospect of bringing a court action. Most people just do not like the idea of suing another person or entity. Nevertheless, obtaining money compensation, medical attention and immediate financial assistance is a necessity. And that is why hiring a car accident Attorney is justified! And it is the only way to achieve what is needed to pay for the damage that is caused by the negligence of another person.

    Remember that most insurance cases are never filed in court. This is because the system is set up for people to be able to assert damages without filing lawsuits in every scenario. This means that the person who caused the collision will most likely never be sued unless there are large damages. We always discuss the actual filing of a lawsuit before doing so.

    Call Napolin Today to Maximize Compensation –

    Do not delay in the inevitable! Get what you need immediately, call an automobile collision Attorney who knows what to do next! When hired, all claim management and litigation work is put into the secure hands of a trained and knowledgeable team of legal professionals. Let us help get your insurance claim headed in the right direction so that maximum value is obtained to get your life back together! Start immediately!

    Free Consultation for Auto Accident Injury Victims

    Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer is local group of successful legal advocates dedicated exclusively to the practice of personal injury litigation. Our exclusive focus on litigation and claim management ensures that you have the most effective advocates behind your case.

    Best Personal injury Lawyer

    Best Personal injury Lawyer

    There is no reason you should handle your case alone when a simple call is absolutely free and requires no obligation. Contact us today and Mr. Napolin will personally discuss your case with you free of charge. Mr. Napolin looks forward to learning about your unique situation and developing a plan to get the justice and benefits you deserve. And, when you choose to hire Napolin Accident Lawyer, know that you do not pay attorneys fees unless we win or settle your injury case.

    auto accidents attorney

    auto accidents attorney

    Our team is passionate about helping victims obtain the quality medical care and the money compensation that they need to get their life back together. We are able to meet with you in person at your convenience! Call 1-844-984-4878 and receive a no cost consultation directly with a local personal injury trial attorney today.

    If you or someone you love has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, bus accident, motorcycle accident, or trucking accident, you need the help of an auto accident lawyer like Mr. Napolin who knows exactly how to handle your individual, unique car accident case.

    Ricardo Sevilla

    Ricardo Sevilla

    Satisfied Client

    There's no doubt in my mind that should you need an attorney because you got hurt on the job you should definitely speak with Alex he will listen to everything you have to say and make sure that whatever is in your best interest he will make sure it is clear for you to decide.

    Dante H. Circle

    Jeremy A.

    Satisfied Client

    I don't do many reviews, but I must make a statement about the Napolin Law Firm. My step daughter recently sustained multiple injuries from a careless and inexperienced motorist. Ultimately, it became a life changing event. I was surprised and delighted that the Napolin attorneys were immediately attentive to my daughter.


    Ali A.

    Satisfied Client

    Alex is a very able and competent lawyer who looks after client's interest. He returns phone calls and emails in a timely fashion and at times within hours but not days. He took our case all the way to trial against an out of state insurer and we are very satisfied with the handling of our case.

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