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No Win, No Fee Promise

We promise that you won't have to pay any California injury attorney fees or costs unless your case is a success. No hidden fees, no hidden terms, we promise.

California Accident Injury Lawyer

If you are hurt in an accident, you need to speak with the best California accident injury lawyer. The insurance company of the person who hurt you is not on your side. Do not listen to the advice of the insurance adjuster. Instead, contact our qualified and experienced personal injury California legal team.

Top Accident Injury Attorney in California.

Mr. Napolin is a successful personal injury lawyer who asserts claims against the insurance companies using proven methodology. Napolin's approach when prosecuting accident injury claims results in successful outcomes for his clients. When you hire Napolin, you acquire an energetic and diverse legal team here to help you overcome your injuries.

Why Choose Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer

Choosing an accident injury law firm with a reputation of success is important. Napolin has a track record of success. However, many firms boast that that their years in practice and past trial wins make them your best attorney choice. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A law firm's length of existence and success on past cases will not determine the success of your case. In fact, many other factors will determine whether your case is successful or not. Case success means that a case is evaluated correctly, and then timely prosecuted in a way that improves the client's overall well-being. Therefore, our California law firm puts the focus on you and not on how much we have collected for others.

Since opening our doors in 2011, we have developed as one of the most well-rounded accident injury lawsuit law firms in California. Our reputation as quality Ca. personal injury lawyers is not measured solely by the amount of money collected for our clients before you. Instead, it is best measured by the success our clients experience when we apply our unique philosophy and method to their case. We have developed a great formula of success with client-attorney relationships that make each and every case a success. And, with a track record of success on literally thousands of accident injury cases, you know that you have chosen the very best to help you through difficult times.

Learn How Our Legal Team Can Help. Call Today.

If you would like to learn how we can help, your next step is to call our California law office. All calls are free and strictly confidential, so there is no risk to you.

Our client-focused legal team is ready to provide answers to all of your questions. Call 1-844-984-4878 to receive your free and confidential legal case consultation.

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About Alexander Napolin,

Napolin is a 100% plaintiff-side personal injury lawyer. This means that he never defends any corporations or insurance carriers.

Napolin is a graduate of Pepperdine University and California State University, Fullerton. He double-majored in Amercian Studies and Business Administration.

Napolin's notable cases include Sanchez v. Children's Dental Group and Spencer v. Stephen Paddock; MGM Resorts. He is currently working alongside the best trial attorneys.

Napolin is dedicated to helping people with injuries of all magnitudes. If you have been injured and need help, schedule a valuable, free initial consultation

Napolin's Practice:

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If your injury makes travelling difficult, we will arrange to visit you at your home or in the hospital.

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I would like to start of by thanking Alex and his entire staff at Napolin Law for handling my case in a very professional manner. I would definitely recommend Alex and his team to all my friends, family, and anybody out there in need of a law firm that really knows how to take care of their clients.
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Client Reviews:

Dealing with the insurance adjuster after a car accident?

Always be professional and courteous to the insurance adjuster. Even if the insurance adjuster is not courteous to you. The reason it is important to do this is because the insurance adjuster sites behind a desk and makes decisions about what you get and do not get. If they do not personally like you, they are going to try to make things harder for you throughout the claims process. When you hire a lawyer, your lawyer still has to deal with that same insurance adjuster. Unless they get a new job. When the insurance adjuster hires a lawyer, that lawyer's boss is the insurance adjuster. Therefore, be as professional and courteous to the insurance adjuster so that you can hand your case off to the lawyer in the best shape possible.

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We are here to Help – Call Now (844) 984-4878 for an Accident & Injuries Law Attorney Today – FREE Case Review to Protect your Legal Rights! – Accident Injuries, Car Accident, Dog Bite, Work Injury, Compensation Benefits, Injured on the Job, Discrimination, Medical Benefits, and Auto, Truck , Motorcycle Accidents.

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Things You Should Know About Rental Car Accidents

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Can My Bankruptcy Be Affected By A Personal Injury Settlement?

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Obtaining a settlement can be a time consuming process, and many find themselves burdened with debt while they wait. This leads some to seek bankruptcy relief. This is a stressful situation, and it is recommended that you contact a California personal injury attorney to aid you in the decision making process and help you get…


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Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law Basics

Best Personal Injury Law Information In California

personal injury law basics

Personal Injury law basics

Personal injury law includes a variety of instances and offers the chance for any injured individual to file a lawsuit against another individual responsible for all accidental injuries. Personal Injury Law is usually also known as tort law and lawsuits are generally addressed within civil court, instead of a criminal courtroom. Personal injury law definition: Personal injury law refers to the legal solutions and defenses associated with civil lawsuits brought consequently of wrongful conduct. In reality, the word “tort” arises from a Latin term meaning twist, improper, or harm. Contrary to criminal law, a tort action does not involve the federal government prosecuting the wrongdoer.

Personal injury legal advice: An individual could deal with simultaneously civil and criminal charges for the exact same case, however the crucial distinctions have a much lower burden of proof within civil lawsuits as well as the truth that civil charges generally help pay for damages to the injured party. The money that may be recovered may include things including medical related as well as emergency expenses, long term health care, loss of employment, damaged or even destroyed assets, incapacity to work within in the near future along with other factors.

Furthermore, there’s also financial recovery with regard to non economic damages or injuries, for example suffering and pain, psychological pain, inconvenience, diminished happiness of daily life, as well as stress and anxiety.

Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury car accident law that involve a motor vehicle accident is based upon the negligence cause of action. Generally speaking, the party at fault will have insurance to cover losses that they cause to the other driver, including proper damage and bodily harm. In such circumstances, the claimant will be bringing an action against the insured for which the insurance company is ultimately liable. The insurance company will therefore attempt to settle with the claimant to remove the liability from their books. However, the amount they are willing to offer is generally much less than what the claimant is legally entitled to under the law. Having a lawyer during the claims process helps significantly and often leads to a settlement in the appropriate amount without ever filing a lawsuit. And, if necessary, the lawyer can take the case to a trial by jury in the event a fair settlement cannot be reached.

If you or a loved family member or friend has been hurt and you believe there is a case, we are here to help you with a free case evaluation. We take cases involving car, trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians, buses, vans, trains and planes, as well as dog bites, slip and falls and many other types of possible accident cases.

Hire An Attorney For Your Personal Injury

do i need a personal injury lawyer

do i need a personal injury lawyer

You should contact an attorney immediately for advice before speaking to your insurance company or to the other driver’s insurance company about the details of the accident or the extent of your injuries. If the other insurance company or your insurance company contacts you offering to fix your automobile, go ahead and allow them to inspect your vehicle. But don’t be fooled into sharing information with insurance companies about your injuries or the specifics of the accident until speaking with an attorney. Why? Because the main goal of the insurance company is to discount your injuries and use your statements out of context to deny your claim and pay you as little money as possible. By hiring an attorney, you will have the benefit of putting up a barrier between you and the insurance company so that you can build the strongest case possible.

Stronger cases mean higher settlements.

Hire A California Personal Injury Law Firm Today!

Have you been injured by the neglect of another through no fault of your own? If so, you will need an experienced accident injuries lawyer to help you navigate the process and advocate for you in a court of law if necessary.

questions to ask personal injury lawyer

questions to ask personal injury lawyer

An attorney can help you find the appropriate doctor to treat you for your injuries, usually on a lien basis so private health insurance is not even required. A reputable accident attorney will also help collect appropriate evidence including medical evidence to prepare for the litigation phase of the case. This is why getting a lawyer early on in the fact gathering and investigation phase. Failing to properly collect evidence and document bodily harm can significantly devalue a claim. In addition, a good lawyer will provide you with advice from the insight they have obtained from their experience working on other cases that you will need in order to make the best decisions throughout the legal process.

Getting represented early is the best idea so that the client can put up a barrier between them and the adjuster so they do not do or say anything adverse to their legal interests. Furthermore, the case can be properly prepared from day one to be brought to trial.

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