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Attorney Legal Information On Auto Accidents in California

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Car Accident Law:

Car Accident Injury Lawyer Information for Southern California Residents

Finding and Hiring the Best Southern California Motor Vehicle Attorneys Just Got Easier!

Best Auto Accident Lawyers – When involved in an auto accident, your head instantly starts swimming through all the different problems and issues you have to face.

  • How are you suppose to get to work?
  • Will your insurance pay for this?
  • What kind of long term affect will it have on your health?
  • Will I get compensation for damages and injuries?
  • What is my auto accident injury claim worth?

So many questions can flood your head, but you need to stay calm and you need to stay collective. Nobody wants to be involved in an accident, but, as the name suggests, accidents happen. With that being said, someone typically is at fault for the accident. On the rare occurrence, both drivers might have run into mutual problems to cause the incident, but typically, the accident sits on the shoulders of one individual. If the other person caused the accident and now you have to deal with all sorts of financial problems, medical issues, not to mention the stress brought on by it, you need to seek out a quality car accident lawyer who will not only have the resources for you, but will answer all your concerned vehicle accident injury questions.

Auto Accident Attorney Advice

Auto Accident Attorney Advice

If you live and drive in Southern California, that figure is not very hard to believe. Chances are that as a Southern California resident, you will be involved in an auto accident at least once in your life and probably from the fault of another driver. When you are involved in an auto accident however minor, it is important that you locate witnesses at the scene and call the police. Sometimes the driver who is at fault is friendly to you at the scene of the accident and leads you to believe that they will make sure their insurance company picks up the tab for the damage to your automobile and for personal injury to your body as a result of the impact. Do not let this friendly attitude deter you from calling the police and locating witnesses. While the other driver might have good intentions, the insurance companies do not.

Auto Accident Insurance Companies love to deny liability on the basis that no one witnessed the accident. What?

The auto insurance companies do not make money by paying out claims. If the insurance company can find any reason to not deny liability for the accident, they will. If the other driver who appeared friendly changes their story when they speak to their insurance company, and you do not have witnesses or their statement taken down in a police report at the scene, there is a high probability the insurance company will deny liability on the claim on the basis of word versus word. That is, your word versus the word of their insured. A liability denial means that the insurance company is not going to pay you unless you take them to court. The moral of the story is that you need to locate witnesses and get a police report, or else you face the risk of a liability denial.

Cases of word versus word will also make it much more difficult for your Best Auto Accident Lawyers to win your claim. It is always best to have independent witnesses or a police report where the other driver admitted liability to the police officer. Unless there is some other objective way to determine who was at fault, it’s going to be your word against the other driver.  A coin toss so to speak, even if you have get a lawyer.

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Here are some Questions Answered for Auto Accident Injury Victims in California

How Much Does the Best Auto Accident Lawyers Charge? – You Don’t Pay Until The Law Firm Wins!

Car Accident Questions Answered

Car Accident Questions Answered

This is very important to understand before signing anything. Many auto accident attorneys work on a contingent fee, which means they receive a cut of the winnings. Others might charge by the hour. This helps you know whether you need to pay anything upfront or it just comes out of what you win from from your injury case settlement. Often times the contingent fee associated with the winnings sits right around 28 to 33 percent. You have to look at how hard the attorney or law firm is willing to work for this amount. You really need to think of the cost of damages and injuries that you have, plus does the attorney have the willingness to succeed on your behalf and your best interests at heart. Keep all this in mind when choosing the right law firm for your legal team.

What about the Court Fees and Costs of filing  a Car Accident Injury claim?

Typically, when filing the suit, you are responsible for the court fees. While the attorney might be handling the case on a contingent basis, you still need to pay the fees. The up front fees can vary based on the county you are in. You’ll have to pay the filing fee and most likely a fee for the responsible driver to be served with paperwork (you can attempt to do this but it is easier and faster to have a service do it for you. Law firm’s usually have many option on this matter, so please contact them to get the ball rolling. Call Now (844) 984-4878.

Do You Have an Accident Injury Legal Claim Case?

Best Auto Accident Lawyers

Best Auto Accident Lawyers

Before you move ahead and file the case with the court, you need to know whether or not you have a case. It is essential to know if the other driver really is at fault or if you played a part in the accident. Whenever involved in an accident, make sure to document every single aspect of the incident with your phone’s camera. This can help your problem later on down the road. Your attorney can inform you if you have a case and if it is strong enough to file with.

What Can You Sue For After an Automobile Accident Collision?

When taking someone else to court of a car accident, it isn’t just about the cost of your vehicle, whether you need to have it fixed or replaced. You can sue for medical damages, lost wages and also pain and suffering, emotional distress and other kinds of suffering you had to go through because of it. Your vehicle accident attorney is able to sit with you and discuss exactly what you can sue for and how much the potential might be. After all, unless you are an attorney, you might find it difficult to put a price on pain and suffering, but your attorney has experience with this and can help in this regard.

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