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Learn More About Car Accidents Contact A Lawyer for Legal Advice

Learn More About Car Accidents Contact A Lawyer for Legal Advice

Car Accidents - Statistically speaking, most people will be involved in at least one car accident at some point in their lives. Anyone who has ever been the victim of a car accident can tell you that they are harrowing experiences and it can be natural for emotions to run high in the hours, days and even weeks after the event. Personal injury attorneys work hard to protect the rights and health and well being of car accident victims in a wide range legally with medical and monetary compensation benefits.

Breaking Down Car Accident Cases

It's important to understand that, at its core, a car accident case deals with not only personal injury law, but traffic law. If another driver runs a red light and hits your car, there are actually two different issues at play. Not only have they potentially caused you and any other passengers in your vehicle physical harm, but they've also broken traffic rules at the same time in that they're not supposed to run a red light in the first place.

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    California Car Accidents Law Firm


    Dealing with a Car Accident? You should know your rights under California car accident law! In this article you will learn some valuable information about my experience with Car Accidents. - Attorney Alexander D. Napolin

    Going Beyond Damage to Your Vehicle

    Car Accidents

    Car Accidents

    It's also important to understand that the level of compensation that you are entitled to often goes above and beyond the money required to fix your car. While a personal injury attorney can definitely help make sure that your vehicle is fixed and back on the road as quickly as possible (or replaced entirely), you shouldn't forget about your injuries. Car accidents can not only lead to medical bills dealing with the immediate aftermath of an injury but also things like physical rehabilitation and even lost wages due to time that you had to spend away from work to go to doctors appointments.

    A personal injury attorney can go over all the details of your case, determine the exact extent of your damages and can help navigate your case to the most favorable conclusion possible in a court of law. They can also navigate with insurance companies to help prevent you from having to pay for damages out of pocket.

    Finding Fault in an Accident

    Car Accident Fault

    Car Accident Fault

    In a car accident situations, one of the most important steps to take always involves figuring out which of the two or more parties was at fault. Unfortunately, this is often a lot more difficult than just determining "who hit who."

    Case in point: say you were to run a red light and another driver hits your car from the side. It would be natural to assume that the other driver would be at fault because they're the ones that hit your car, right? After all, the accident wouldn't have taken place had they not hit your car to begin with.

    Unfortunately, you'd be wrong - you broke the law by running the red light, so at that point you are most likely to be found at fault (especially in terms of a police report) for that very reason.

    The Role of Personal Injury Attorneys

    Best Legal Info For Car Accidents In California

    Best Legal Info For Car Accidents In California

    Traffic laws can also vary wildly depending on exactly which state you're talking about. Some states give a higher level of protection to people like bike riders than others. Other states require motorcycle riders to follow a completely different set of rules than passenger vehicles. Things get further complicated if you're talking about an accident involving a commercial vehicle like a semi-truck.

    This level of complication is one of the many reasons why a personal injury attorney is so valuable in a car accident case. They can use police reports, photographs, witness testimony and other materials to determine exactly what happened, find out exactly which laws were broken and how and more, all of which will be used to determine both the appropriate course of action to take and the level of damages to seek in court.

    Hire a Car Accident Lawyer for Legal Help

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