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Orange California Auto Accident Lawyer

Orange California Auto Accident Lawyer

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Orange California Auto Accident Lawyer

Orange California Auto Accident Lawyer

Orange California Auto Accident Lawyer – On the search for attorney representation following an automobile accident? Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer is a powerful and well-known firm providing car accident personal injury legal assistance in Orange California. Our compassionate attorneys have extensive litigation experience and are available to discuss your accident injury over the phone. If you are hurt and need to discuss your accident injury directly with a knowledgeable attorney, call today for a free case evaluation, (714) 451-2006. All calls to the firm are at zero cost to the inquirer and come with no obligation to retain the firm’s services.

Most who seek legal advice are doing so for the first times in their lives. Calling an attorney can be a difficult step for some. But the often complicated issues facing an auto accident victim make attorney representation necessary. During the initial free discussion with an attorney, we listen to your situation and share the role of an attorney in helping them with their insurance claim and lawsuit. In addition to that, the attorney learns main issues of the case and whether the services of the firm can be offered to the prospective client on a contingency fee basis (no money up front).

Offering Auto Accident Contingency Payment Plan

Auto Accident Contingency Plan Attorney

Auto Accident Contingency Plan Attorney

A contingency fee payment plan is often available to victims of auto accident personal injury. It is usually offered where the other party is clearly liable for the collision. Under a contingency fee, the client pays nothing until and unless money is collected from the defendant’s insurance carrier. If nothing is collected, the client owes the attorney no money for services rendered. When money is collected, the attorney group takes a percentage of the gross proceeds collected, typically thirty three and a third percent (33 1/3%).

A contingency payment arrangement is just that, contingent upon the collection of money. These type of arrangement makes it quite affordable for most people to obtain the services of a legal professional to help them deal with the adjuster and litigate their case in court if settlement negotiations fail. It is also beneficial because the attorney takes on some of the risk of loss, thereby motivating the attorney to work hard to collect money within the case.

Specific Plan For Each Personal Injury Litigation Case

Obtaining the upper hand against the insurance adjuster and later at trial requires a specific plan for each personal injury litigation case. Not all law offices have the insurance industry knowledge and motivation to build each case for success against defense counsel. With decades of litigation experience and an in-depth study of insurance carrier behavior, Napolin has developed tested techniques and tactics of success. Unlike many other firms small and large, our business and executes it to combat the injustices created by the insurance.

Help Offered To Victims By The Orange California Auto Accident Attorney Law Firm

Many are surprised about how many different things that we help clients with during the life of their injury claim. In other words, get an Orange California Auto Accident Lawyer to prosecute lawsuits in the courts. In addition to litigation, the attorneys and highly trained staff provide advice to clients and drive the insurance claims process. By doing so, high settlement values are often obtained without the filing of a lawsuit. When appropriate guidance is given to the client early on after a car, truck, motorcycle, bus or pedestrian accident, full policy limit settlements can be obtained without the additional expense of filing a lawsuit. While driving the claims process, Napolin helps as follows:

  1. Locating qualify medical professionals to treat and documents injuries;
  2. Finding medical care for the client with doctors who charge no money up front;
  3. Give advice on how to deal with difficult short-term life and financial situations caused by the accident;
  4. Locate lending companies who can advance money against future ins. Claim settlement;
  5. Take over all paperwork and communication with the insurance adjuster;
  6. Aid the client negotiating property damage and rental car disputes with the adjuster;
  7. Negotiate with emergency room, ambulance and other healthcare providers; and
  8. Provide moral support to clients and their family going through hard and stressful times.
Insurance Claims Inspector

Insurance Claims Inspector

If the claims process fails to yield a fair settlement for the client, the next step is to file a lawsuit and aggressively pursue a litigation strategy. Since filing a lawsuit is a big deal for some clients, the attorneys make sure that each client understands the necessity of doing so and what to expect as the process takes to the litigation stage. When the filing of a lawsuit commences, this is what happens:

  1. File at the courthouse and serve the complaint on the defendant;
  2. Conduct discovery including taking depositions and hiring medical experts; and
  3. Jury selection and full trial on the merits in the superior court.

Retain a Top Rated Orange California Auto Accident Lawyer Immediately

Do not hesitate to call Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer  for a free consultation one on one with a trial attorney. When a contingency fee payment plan is available, it costs nothing more to get a lawyer sooner rather than later. Plus, obtaining intelligent representation early can drastically increase the success of the case as good attorney guidance helps build case value and provides the client sage advice on how to deal with hard financial and emotional times. To find out how an Orange California Auto Accident Lawyer can help for your accident injury, call (714) 451-2006. Serving the residents of Orange County, Orange, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Garden Grove and Fullerton, Ca.