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Alexander D. Napolin, Esq.


Personal Injury | Accident Litigation Attorney

Top Southern California Tort Plaintiff Attorney - Alexander D. Napolin,Esq. earned his law degree in 2011 from Pepperdine University School of Law. Mr. Napolin graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a double major of Business Administration and American Studies. Prior to forming The Napolin Law Firm, Mr. Napolin advocated for injured workers and personal injury victims at the largest accident injury firm in California. -

Workplace Injuries, Wrongful Death, Back and Neck Injury, Dog Bites, Slip and Fall Injuries, Product Liability, Spinal Cord Injury, Nursing Home Abuse, Brain Injury, Toxic Mold, Defamation, Libel and Slander, Construction Accidents, Negligence, Personal Injuries, Workers' Compensation, Car Accidents, Motorcycle accidents, Truck Accidents

The Napolin Law Firm Team is centered on the philosophy of providing strong advocacy in the courtroom and clear guidance to the client from day one. A lawsuit or other serious legal problem is often the most stressful and taxing event that a person will face in their life. My clients know what is going on in their case and have the opportunity to communicate with me personally on a daily basis if necessary. Thorough and consistent attorney-client communication helps each client be aware of where there case is, where their case is headed and what to expect step by step. This awareness can significantly lower the high levels of stress that many people experience when going through any type of legal process.

Mr. Napolin quickly rose to prominence through successful litigation of dozens of injury cases during his first years of practice. He quickly earned the respect of the lawyers in the community and now exercises his legal intelligence to advance the interests of injury victims in California and across the country.

Alexander D. Napolin, Esq. currently represents victims in the following mass torts: children infected at the Anaheim Children's Dental Group and the victims of the Route 91 Las Vegas Shooting Massacre against Stephen Paddock's Estate, MGM and Live Nation.

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Catherine R. Lombardo, Esq.


Personal Injury | Accident Injuries Trial Lawyer

Rated Among the Best Southern California Plaintiff-Side Trial Attorneys - Catherine R. Lombardo, Esq. has practiced jury trials for over 25 years. Having performed more than complete trials, Ms. Lombardo has worked for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office and the San Bernardino County Public Defender's Office. Attorney Lombardo has served as a Judge Pro Tem in both Los Angeles and San Bernardino County since 1996. She has also been chosen by The Federal Bench in the Central District of California as an appointee on the CJA panel for indigent defendants.  Ms. Lombardo is also a former Police Commissioner and Chaired the Claremont Police Commission.

Catherine Lombardo, Esq. is currently representing a group of Californians shot at by Stephen Paddock against Stephen Paddock, his estate, the hotels and the promoters. See:

Representing clients of The Napolin Law Firm pursuing maximum compensation against the insurance companies comes as second nature for Ms. Lombardo. Her aggressive and professional trial work makes her a formidable adversary for any insurance attorney, fighting for money damages for her clients.

Ms. Lombardo is licensed to practice in all Federal California Districts, has been licensed to appear in Federal Court in Alaska, Georgia, Oklahoma and Nevada, and  is licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court. In 1991, she was awarded the American Jurisprudence Award in Tort Law.

The Napolin Law Firm focuses on personal attention and communication with their clients, setting out clear litigation goals. The staffs attention to each case and to each client allows for the best experience in the worst of times. During the litigation process, each and every client of The Napolin Law Firm knows they have a team of the best California litigators on their side.

Catherine R. Lombardo, Esq. advocates for the kids who fell ill at the Children's Dental Group in Anaheim and the victims of the Route 91 Las Vegas Shooting Massacre against Stephen Paddock, MGM and Live Nation.

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