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65 Lawsuits Allege Illegal Ownership of Children’s Dental Group Anaheim

65 Lawsuits Allege Illegal Ownership of Children's Dental Group Anaheim

65 Lawsuits Allege Illegal Ownership of Children’s Dental Group Anaheim – On Wednesday, January 16, 2019, attorneys representing the children catastrophically injured at Children’s Dental Group in Anaheim filed an additional 65 lawsuits against various defendants involved in the existing CDG litigation.

The new lawsuit brings a significant group of additional child plaintiffs into the formal litigation against the above-named defendants. The lawsuits allege poorly performed and unneeded dental procedures in the form of baby root canals and crowns. However, the complex litigation against the various defendants extends well beyond allegations of medical negligence. The lawsuits also allege battery, intentional misrepresentations, breach of fiduciary duty, lack of informed consent, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. These allegations extend to the doctors who treated the children as well as corporate management groups for illegally operating the dental clinic.

Illegal Ownership and Operation Allegations Against Corporations

Most notably, the lawsuits allege illegal ownership and operation of dental clinics by Minsky Corporation, Jacks Corporation, Sierra Pacific, Gas, J&G Dental, Dr. Jerry Minsky, Scott Jacks, John William Fehmer and Samuel Harold Gruenbaum. Samuel Gruenbaum and various corporations are alleged to have engaged in the unlicensed practice of dentistry in a conspiracy to commit wrongful conduct. According to the attorneys representing the children, the wrongful conduct involved a business plan to elevate and maximize profits above patient care.

When corporations place profit before patient care, mass infection incidents are bound to occur. This is because lack of sanitary conditions arise where dentists focus on performing as many procedures as possible rather than performing needed procedures in a careful manner. In the case of Children’s Dental Group, parents were afraid for their child’s health and trusted the dentists to provide a treatment plan that put their child’s health first. Little did the trusting parents realize that they were being pressured to subject their kids to excessive amounts of treatment in unsanitary conditions. Sadly, the clinics profit-driven operating procedure has caused lifelong emotional and physical damage to over 150 children.

Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County Represents 80 Children Against CDG

Personal Injury Lawyers Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County represents 80 of the roughly 150 children alleging damages against the clinic. Mr. Napolin hopes that the current litigation will provide justice for the children and also deter bad people from engaging in similar behavior against children in the future.