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CHOC Continually Diagnoses Serious Childrens Dental Group Infections

Attorney Alexander Napolin answers questions about aa ÔsuperbugÕ that infected patients at ChildrenÕs Dental Clinic in Anaheim, California, November 14, 2016.

Children Treated At Children’s Dental Group in Anaheim Continue to Be Diagnosed With Serious Infection Meaning Problem is Widespread in Orange County

CHOC Continually Diagnoses Serious Childrens Dental Group Infections Orange County – Children who have been infected with mycobacterium abscessus after receiving dental treatment at Children’s Dental Group in Anaheim, California, continue to show up at CHOC Hospital with signs of the serious, strong bacterial infection. The children, mostly between 2-8 years old, were treated at the Lincoln Avenue location between March through September of this year. The Dental office infected hundreds of children with the bacteria, which was inside their water system.  The dirty water would become trapped inside the tooth, left there to multiply and infect the gums, bones, lymph nodes and lungs.

CHOC Continually Diagnoses Serious Childrens Dental Group Infections

The Orange County Department of Health, upon discovery of this epidemic, quickly sprung into action to protect the infected children. The Board of Supervisors allocated $150,000 to the Children’s Hospital (CHOC) to help defer the rising costs of treating upwards of 100 children so far who have shown signs of the infection. After the kids underwent questionable pulpotomies, a baby root canal, they developed signs of the serious and life threatening bacterial infection in the mouth, gums and jaw. Further investigation has revealed that thousands of children were forced to undergo unnecessary baby root canals, filling, caps and crowns, all at the expense of the governmental insurance benefits such as Denti-Cal, through Healthy Families and Cal Optima.

All Parent of Patients Have Been Sent Letters And Have Received Phone Calls On Government Order

The Orange County Department of Health officials decided shut down the dental office, and forced the Children’s Dental Group to rip out their water system and completely replace it. The clinic was reopened in late November. The governmental agency also mandated the dental office to contact every patient that was treated at their facility during the months of using the infected water. Every patient has been sent a letter and has been called by the dental group, advising that they need to be seen by a doctor.

The bacteria is a slow growing strain that is resistant to common antibiotic treatments. Many of the children who have been treated at CHOC have a “PICC line” inserted into their body for daily infusions of a strong antibiotic, and the line remains there for months. A PICC line is used for long-term intravenous antibiotics. CHOC Continually Diagnoses Serious Childrens Dental Group Infections.

Orange County Law Firm Advocates For Children By Filing Lawsuits Against CDG

CHOC Continually Diagnoses Serious Childrens Dental Group Infections

CHOC Continually Diagnoses Serious Childrens Dental Group Infections

The children have had surgery to extract the infected teeth. Many of the families have sought legal representation from The Napolin Law Firm in Orange County, California.  Managing Partner Alexander Napolin, an Orange County personal injury attorney, stated  “The children who are infected by the Children’s Dental Group in Anaheim are in for a long process of observation, testing, surgery, medication and treatment.  This is a life changing injury and we are investigating their legal options.”  Napolin has filed several lawsuits against Children’s Dental Group on behalf of his clients to obtain financial compensation for their injuries. Mr. Napolin is in Orange County and The Inland Empire at (714)451-2006.