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Hiring an Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer

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Why Hire an Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Accident Injury Case?

Alexander D. Napolin Esq. Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer

Alexander D. Napolin Esq. Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer

Reasons To Hire An Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer – Being in a car accident can be a very traumatic experience. An accident can also cost you a great deal of money. For starters, there is the damage to your vehicle. Next, if you were injured, you can have extensive medical bills. With serious injuries, you may need to take time out of work until you heal. If the accident wasn't your fault, you should seek the help of an accident injury lawyer. If a loved one was killed in a fatal crash, then you need a personal injury lawyer who can handle a wrongful death case.

There are several Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer.

1.) Excellent Evaluation of the Incident

When you hire a vehicle crash attorney, they will evaluate the circumstances surrounding the accident to determine whether or not you have a case. They will review the reports from the doctors, the accident and police reports, and any witness statements. This information gives the lawyer the information that they need to decide if you have a case.

2.) Powerful and Aggressive Legal Negotiations

After an accident, the responsible party will often contact their insurance company right away. Most importantly, after the initial report is made, the insurance company will likely reach out to you to offer you a settlement. This offer is usually made before you even know the extent of your injuries. Also, the amount of money that they offer will be much less than what you actually deserve. When you hire an orange county personal injury lawyer, they will contact the insurance company to let them know that you have representation. From that point on, the insurance company will negotiate with your attorney. They will work together to try to come up with a fair settlement. Because you have someone handling the negotiations on your behalf, you can concentrate on getting better rather than dealing with an aggressive insurance claims adjuster.

3.) Court Representation for Damages and Injury Claim

Court Representation by an Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer

Court Representation by an Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer

If your attorney and the responsible party's insurance company were not able to agree upon a settlement, the case would go to court before a judge and a jury. Your lawyer would compile all of the information and evidence surrounding the case to build the strongest case possible.

Your personal injury attorney would take the case that they built and present it to the court. They would show the court the injuries that you sustained in the accident and present information from the doctors who treated you. They will present an estimate of the damages to your vehicle and the amount of money that you lost by being out of work. Your attorney would question witnesses on your behalf, and cross-examine witnesses for the insurance company. They would present the strongest case possible to ensure that you receive the compensation award that you deserve.

4.) Contingency Fee for Hiring An Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer

The best part about hiring a car accident lawyer is that they charge on a contingency basis. If you don't get any money, you would not owe your lawyer anything. Because you may be unable to work due to your injuries, you may not have any money to pay a lawyer. The contingency fee arrangement can make hiring a lawyer possible.

Finally, when you hire an Orange County personal injury lawyer, they will make sure that you are awarded enough money to cover the cost of your medical bills, the damage to your vehicle, the time you missed from work, and an award for pain and suffering. Contact our law offices for a free consultation: 1-844-984-4878.