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Why Client Reviews Matter

A book is not its cover. The same goes for online reviews of lawyers. A lawyer's reviews cannot tell you everything you need to know before hiring the lawyer. While we love to showcase our reviews, we know that you need more. Napolin now offers an initial consultation where he will evaluate your case and help you determine the best course of action. The best part is, California residents get to hear some of Napolin's wisdom on their situation before deciding on what to do next. So read these reviews, but don't forget to follow up and have your questions answered!

How to Read Our Reviews

Client reviews help you learn about the experiences of our past clients. By learning what others have experienced before you, you can make a more informed decision on who to hire. Napolin wants you to know that the reviews we showcase do not guarantee the outcome of any given case. He does, however, encourage you to consider his past success as an indicator to call him.

Different Types of Injuries

Every accident injury case is different from every other case. While some injury incidents happen in similar ways, they never happen the exact same way twice. And, depending on where someone gets hurt, different laws could apply that change the case completely.

Workers' Compensation laws apply to workers compensation injury situations, while the rules of general negligence and the motor vehicle code apply to traffic collisions. Many times someone will experience an injury where overlapping legal actions apply. For example, if a person is involved in an auto accident while driving for work, they might have both a workers' compensation claim and a civil lawsuit for negligence against the at-fault driver.

A Free Consultation Helps

When you get injured, you need to know your rights. Things are complicated and you should seek professional guidance on what to do next. We hope our client reviews help you with your decision to call us. Remember that you need to follow up and request the free initial consultation to learn more about your rights. We look forward to hearing from you!

Reviews Are A Great Way To Gauge Success. My Clients Are Happy Because I Care About Getting Them Results. If Are Injured And Need Help, Call Me (866) NAPOLIN. Let's Start With A Free Case Review To Protect Your Legal Rights!

- Alexander Napolin Esquire

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Passionate About Helping Clients

Alex is Very Passionate About Helping Clients

James C AponteAlexander is a professional who is passionate about helping his clients in his field of expertise of personal injury law. He was caring and understanding towards me throughout my case and always responded to my phone calls. Examples: Returning responses to my e-mails, calls, answers all legal questions, guided me with advice in decision making with regards to my case. I've recommended him to several personal friends of mine and all had positive outcomes in their cases and would recommend Alexander to others as well. Thank you for all of your hard work! - James C Aponte - plus.google.com/+Napolinlaw

 by Efrian Perez
Wow, where do I start

Well, let's make this short and to the point. I was injured at the start of 2015. I tore my right bicep tendon. My insurance was procrastinating to give me my approval for surgery after the first week. If you wait too long for surgery after a bicep tear, you wont be able to have the surgery done, and you're stuck with limited strength, and a bumpy arm deformity. I contacted the offices of Napolin Law firm and got the help I needed. two weeks after.

After surgery and a short recovery, I returned to the workplace on light duty, but was quickly working 16 hour days again and lifting doing I shouldn't have. I decided to give my two weeks as to not injure myself again. I let my attorney know about this after the fact. I was told this wasn't the best course of action, but he understood why I did it. Mr. Napolin honestly just seemed happy that my surgery had gone well and that I was ok. He did ask me to do a follow up with a doctor and to see if he could get some financial compensation for me.

Fast forward to March 24th, 2016. I was asked to come in and see Mr. Napolin in regards to my case. I thought I was just going in to sign some papers to close the case out. Mind you, my arm is great. Its not 100%, but it sure is close. You can imagine my shock when I sat down with him and he said he settled for 40,000.00. Three quarters of my brains vocabulary evaporated while the information sank in. I'm still having some difficulty writing this because its' unreal. I can only imagine how much he would have been able to get if I would have kept him in the loop of how they where making me work while on limited duty and didn't leave my job. I've also been in another legal situation where I broke my femur and had a compound fracture in my arm, and he got me MORE than the other injury which did leave me pretty screwed up.

In closing, if you want someone to help and also inform you about everything and anything, go to Napolin Law Firm. I didn't expect Mat Murdock. I've met a lot of attorneys that are cold or don't really explain the details, (not that I understand half of it.) Not to mention he's shown that the legal system can work and get you the compensation you deserve. I'm gonna recommend this to anyone whose been attacked by lawnmowers or simply a company or boss that just sees them as disposable. Thanks again for helping me get the money I need to go back to college and not pull out loans again. You're awesome.

 by Ricardo Sevilla
The most important thing to me was Alex's honesty.

The most important thing to me was Alex's honesty.

Profile MaleLooking for an attorney seemed very stressful when I was going through a very bad accident. The few that I "spoke" to were too busy or out right rude. When I spoke with Alex I immediately knew he was genuinely concerned for what had happened to me. After the initial consultation and a couple follow ups everything that Alex had promised me; he had delivered. Alex Napolin is a great attorney! I had a back injury and Alex was able to help me get the settlement I deserved, however not as important as treatment, thanks to Alex I was able to go to the doctor's office and get the treatment that my back needed. I was able to get a proper diagnosis. Along with all the doctors visits I was able to reach great improvements over the condition of my back. The most important thing to me was Alex's honesty. Alex was the attorney that I needed in my life to get it back on track. There's no doubt in my mind that should you need an attorney because you got hurt on the job you should definitely speak with Alex he will listen to everything you have to say and make sure that whatever is in your best interest he will make sure it is clear for you to decide. - Ricardo Sevilla - plus.google.com/+Napolinlaw

Thanks for the Review Ricardo for the awesome review!!!

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