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Work Injury Lawyer Covina

You Need a Covina Work Injury Lawyer.

Work Injury Lawyer Covina California

Work Injury Lawyer Covina California

Work Injury Attorney Covina – Experienced an injury at a construction site? Hurt at work in a slip and fall or automobile accident? Workplace injuries causing disability are extremely common. These types of injuries are so common that there is an exclusive benefits system just for California employees injured on the job. The system is known as Workers’ Compensation.

When Does California Workers’ Compensation Apply to Injuries

California workers’ compensation law applies to all injuries that take place in the workplace. The injury may be specific in that it happens in an instant, such as falling and breaking an arm. Other injuries arise due to repetitive work activities. These are known as cumulative trauma claims and often require a work injury lawyer. Cumulative trauma arises over time, whether it be a few days, months or years, they are legitimate if shown to have arisen because of repetitive work activities.

Employee right to sue the employer other than through the workers’ compensation system is generally banned. Speak to a lawyer with workers’ compensation knowledge to assess your rights against your employer and other people who may have contributed to your injuries. Sometimes a person or company other than your employer causes injuries to employees at work. When this happens, the employee may have a personal injury lawsuit claim against that person or company who is not the employer.

How Employers Provide Benefits Are Provided to Employees

Workplace benefits are usually not administered by the employer itself. Either the employer carries insurance or becomes permissibly self-insured. Permissibly self-insured employers usually outsource claims administration to another company known as a third party administrator. California government agencies and departments have all of their claims administered through State Compensation Insurance Fund.

Free Consultation with Covina Work Injury Lawyer

Free Consultation with Covina Work Injury Lawyer

Regardless of the method of insurance, the laws and rules set out in the California Labor Code and California Rules of Regulations apply to every situation. Your claims adjuster should be provided you with medical treatment, temporary disability money if the employer cannot accommodate your work restrictions, permanent disability impairment money, job retraining and mileage reimbursement to and from the doctor. If you are having trouble reaching the adjuster or your employer never reported your injury to the insurance company, you probably want to seek the advice of a work injury lawyer Covina.

Employee Right to Hire Covina Work Injury Lawyers

Covina Work Injury Lawyer

Covina Work Injury Lawyer

California lawmakers knew that disputes would arise over workers’ compensation benefits. Therefore, rules were written into the law on how disputes between employers and employees are resolved. The rules establish a court system that appoints judges to resolve legal and factual disputes. The name of the court system is the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB for short). All employees are entitled to seek redress with the WCAB. And, every employee has a right to hire a Work injury Lawyer Covina to help fight the insurance company.

Are you hurt and need benefits? Do you feel that the employer is not being fair or isn’t treating you right? If you are a work accident victim in Covina, our law office is available for a free consultation. We may be reached at 1-626-310-7766 and all free consults are strictly confidential.

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