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Irvine Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Irvine Motorcycle Riders Need Irvine Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Napolin When Injured.

Irvine Motorcycle Accidents

Irvine Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents – A motorcycle is an extremely dangerous machine. When it comes to riding in California, the danger is ever-present. High speed and heavily congested roadways significantly increase the terrible risks of motorcyclists. When motorbike accidents happen, the damages are often terrible and catastrophic. Unlike other motor vehicles such as cars and trucks, motorcyclists are not restrained by seat belts and protected by vehicular frames. This means that a crash results in direct impact with the road, or worse, contact with other fast-moving and heavy automobiles. So, if you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle collision you need the help of Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer APC your Irvine Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. Call 1-714-451-2006 today for your free consultation in our Orange County office near Irvine, CA.

Where a negligent driver causes a crash, the victim has the right to file a lawsuit against that driver for damages. Napolin's firm and its associated attorneys have recovered over 100 MILLION DOLLARS for victims of roadway accidents. The firm's sophisticated group of trial attorneys have over 50 years of combined trial experience in the field of law. If you are a victim of a fall or crash, you can contact us for a completely free legal case evaluation to see if we can represent you. Callers learn about their legal rights. And, we apply contingency fee billing. Contingency fee attorney billing means that the client is not charged a penny unless there is a successful recovery.

Common Injury Types Resulting from Motorbike Crashes.

Irvine Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Irvine Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle Accident injuries – Many types of bodily harm caused by motorbike riders are different than those riding in cars, trucks, vans, and buses. And injuries are often much more severe even where the fall is relatively minor. For these reasons, bike cases require a special type of auto lawyer. Napolin and associates understand the unique aspects of motorcycle claims. Those who have been hit on their bike or have fallen due to the reckless behavior of a truck, car or bus, could end up with the following:

  1. Broken Collarbone
  2. Road Rash
  3. Head Trauma
  4. Broken Back
  5. Torn ACL/Meniscus
  6. Broken Wrists
  7. Concussion
  8. Torn Achilles Tendon
  9. Emotional distress
  10. Amputation of leg, arm or fingers

These are just a few types that differ in nature from normal motor vehicle crashes. Napolin Law Firm understands how to fight hard to uphold the value in the claims process and at trial. Hiring a lawyer immediately is extremely important. Proper compensation is generally only available to those who engage a legal professional with real litigation experience for broken bones and head traumas.

Understanding the Value of Severe Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Each type of bodily harm is valued differently. How much a lawsuit is worth depends on the type and severity of the bodily harm caused. Some problems are lifelong and will forever impair a person's ability to carry on a normal life. In such cases, the value of a lawsuit could be significant where the victim is not at fault and where adequate insurance is maintained at the time of the accident. However, seemingly small problems that do not require long periods of medical treatment can be worth significant sums if pursued early by an experienced litigation expert.

Because each and every case is completely unique, an attorney versed in the field of accident law should be consulted as soon as possible. If you or a loved one has fallen off their bike or been struck due to a driver's neglect on the roadways, call us to speak to the #1 California Injury Lawyer in the State! Call 1-714-451-2006 today.

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