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MGM Agrees to Talk Settlement With Route 91 Shooting Cases

MGM Agrees to Talk Settlement With Route 91 Shooting Cases – The mass shooting from the 32nd floor of MGM’s Mandalay Bay on October 1, 2017 is considered the deadliest in modern US history. Nearly a year and a half later, MGM may finally be ready to settle. In November, MGM requested a formal pause to all pending lawsuits and agreed to mediation with attorneys who represent the victims of the Route 91 Las Vegas shooting massacre.

The Baltimore Post-Examiner reported on January 9, 2019 that MGM commissioned three independent mock jury trials and that all three juries returned verdicts in favor of the Route 91 shooting victims. The article claims that its source is senior level and stands behind its report. Although MGM has denied the report as false, it is extremely common for high stakes litigants to engage mock juries to help determine how to proceed in litigation. Sophisticated litigants engage in mock jury trials like a good student engages their homework assignments.

MGM has stated as follows, “While we continue to believe ultimately courts would find in MGM’s favor, we hope that entering into mediation will allow the parties to work together toward a fair and timely resolution.” However, MGM has chosen to seek mediation with the shooting victims rather than continue to fight in court.  MGM has previously worked to stall litigation by trying to put the Route 91 cases in federal court. See https://www.napolinlaw.com/las-vegas-shooting-victims-lawyers-argue-case-in-federal-court/

Under the circumstances, MGM’s decision to talk settlement is extremely telling of what MGM learned about its liability by doing its homework. Res ipsa loquitur.

MGM Mediation Information & Details

Mediation between the lead Route 91 attorneys and MGM Resorts International begins in February 2019 and is set to last 12 days. There are no guarantees that talking settlement will lead to settlement. Of course, MGM must have significant evidence within its possession that it has yet to make public for one reason or another. A failure to settle will at least put the legal discovery powers in play that can help lawyers uncover all the ways MGM failed to protect concertgoers.

MGM Agrees to Talk Settlement With Route 91 Shooting Cases. Unrepresented concert attendees still have time to join the pending lawsuits and are encouraged to do so. Contact Napolin Law Injury Lawyers for more information.