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The Don’ts of driving to avoid automobile road accidents

The Dont's of driving to avoid automobile road accidents

The Dont's of driving to avoid automobile road accidents

The Dont's of driving to avoid automobile road accidents

There are about 14.5 million registered automobiles in California. And more than 30,279,271 drivers. This means that if people are not careful drivers, automobile accidents will increase. That is why drivers should pay attention to the Do’s and Don'ts of driving to reduce the likelihood of automobile road accidents.

Automobile Road Accidents Statistics

According to the Association for Safe Road Travel, almost 37,000 individuals die in car accidents every year. On top of that, 2.35 million people get injured as a result of a car crash. Automobile road accidents are considered the leading cause of death. In the US, the young population is more prone to automobile road accidents. Nearly 8,000 young adults are killed.

In addition, automobile road accidents cost a lot. Crashes cost $230.6 billion every year. That is an average of $820 per individual.

Things you should not do while driving

Driving cars has become so normal that we no longer give operating motor vehicles much thought. However, a simple or small distraction can prove to be fatal. Multitasking is your worst enemy while driving. It can be the smallest thing such as drinking water or using GPS navigation. The potential consequences are horrendous. The following is a list of things you should absolutely not do while driving to avoid automobile road accidents.

  • Do not keep extra stuff in your car

A cluttered car increases your chances of being distracted. And distraction is one of the most common causes of automobile road accidents.

  • Don’t play loud music while driving

The NHTSA provides that drivers must put all their attention on the road while driving. This includes keeping their eyes on the road and their ears alert to what is going on in their surroundings. Playing loud music distracts you from being alert. It will disable you from hearing important sounds around you.

  • Do not change your clothes while you drive

Although ironic, lots of people change their clothes while driving. This is more so the case with teens. Changing clothes while behind the wheel will significantly increase the probability of an automobile road accident. It forces your hands to be off the steering wheel, your eyes distracted, while your legs are still on the gas pedal. It is simply the recipe for a road disaster.

  • Try not to argue while driving

A simple argument could just be a cause for distraction while driving. If the argument is even bigger, you are at a greater risk. According to a study conducted by Harvard University, people who argue in the car are at risk of a heart attack or a stroke following the arguing. Furthermore, arguing fuels your emotions that can affect your decisions. For example, you can be angry and begin to increase your speed limit.

  • Do not smoke

The Environmental Protection Agency provides that smoking in an enclosed environment is dangerous. It increases your risks for burns and inhalation. This puts you, and passengers at a greater danger if you smoke while driving your car. Not only that, but smoking is a form of distraction.

Important suggestions that can help you avoid fatal automobile road accidents

Remember the first time you drove? Were you a little nervous? A lot more careful? If the answer is yes to these questions, then your intuition was probably right. You should always be careful while you drive any type of motor vehicle. Here are some tips that you should follow at all times:

Always drive with care

Driving with care means planning your trips ahead of time. Planning your trip includes deciding when to leave and which roads to take. It means planning to avoid heavy traffic and poor weather conditions. Always wear your seat belt and have passengers wear theirs. You must be alert at all times. Pay attention to the road, to traffic, to pedestrians, cyclists, etc. You should always keep enough distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. When you are changing lanes, make sure to check your blind spot. Always use your signals when you are changing lanes or making left or right turns at intersections. Do not go over or under the speed limit, regardless of your reasons. Furthermore, be self aware. If you face difficulty driving at night, avoid that.

Make sure to take care of your car

A car well maintained means less trouble and less accidents. When you start your car and begin driving, make sure you have enough gas. Keep your mirrors and windshield clean. We suggest keeping a piece of cloth in your car at all times to clean your windows in case of fog or other conditions. Be aware of parts that wear out in your car. Keep an eye on your windshield wiper blades. And be alert to any noise your car makes when you break. This often means, your brakes need to be changed.