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Best Distracted Driver Victim Accident Attorneys
Best Distracted Driver Victim Accident Attorneys
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Distracted Driver

Distracted Driver

The Issue of Distracted Driving - A distracted driver is one that is not paying attention to the road when operating their vehicle. Many automobile accidents happen because someone involved in the crash did not pay attention to navigating. A reasonable prudent person would always place full focus while driving their car. Unfortunately, many do not act reasonably while operating their vehicles. To help prevent accidents, it is important to understand the different signs to identify these negligent people and to learn how to avoid them. Let the following provide some guidance on how to be safer while navigating the roads of Southern California.

Signs of Distracted Driving

While transporting you and your family, it is important to keep an eye on the road to identify an inattentive driver. A failure to idenitfy one and to take steps to avoid them could result in a crash leading to great bodily harm or even death. Here are some signs or things to look for where a person is not focusing on traffic:

Swerving. Swerving occurs where there is a failure to take adequate care to keep their automobile moving within the lane. Swerving may or may not be contained within the lane. Swerving within a lane happens when the person catches themselves before encroaching on the lane next to theirs. This could be due to a one off distraction resulting in a single lapse in attention to the road. Or it could be because the person is concentrated on something such as writing or receiving text messages on their cell phone. The rule to follow is this: if you see anyone swerve, stay far away from them. The risk is that they could suddenly move into your lane or into your path to cause a collision.

Irregular Speed. People generally drive with the flow of traffic. Traffic flows because those within it pace themselves against others. Those who do not are probably thinking about something else causing them to not pace other drivers. This is extremely concerning because pacing is almost an involuntary function like breathing. It is a social behavior that many participate in without even thinking. Where there is a failure to exhibit the behavior, they could be distracted. So stay away by taking another route or passing them by with caution.

Cell Phone Use And Body Language

Body Language. Those who are thinking of something other than navigating their car usually exhibit certain body language. Watching for certain signals that a motorist is thinking of something else is also important. If you see someone turn their head to talk to someone in the passenger or back seat, that is a sign they are in deep conversation. Or if you see talking on the phone. It is especially dangerous when encountering those who hold their phone to their mouth in front of their head thinking it makes it legal. Anyone encountering someone exhibiting such behaviors should proceed with caution.

Distracted Driver Avoidance Techniques

Take safety precautions at all times to avoid colliding with a distracted driver. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind in order to protect against a car accident.

  • Watch the road ahead of you for radical driving behavior.
  • Watch the road ahead for any of the above signs.
  • Take evasive action when necessary to avoid colliding with a car.
  • When a crazy person is identified, pull over to let them go ahead.
  • Always consider calculating and following an alternerate route.

Constant attention to the road and learning the above avoidance tips will together lower the risks that you face while operating a car in Southern California. Unfortunately, there is always a chance that even the most prudent person can fall victim to another's negligent behavior. Fortunately, the law provides accident victims with rights to pursue money compensation to make up for injuries. A lawsuit may exist against the person who caused the collision.

Retain A Distracted Driver Injury Attorney Firm

The Napolin Law Firm Injury LawyersIf you have been hit by a distracted driver, call Napolin to learn more about what can be done to pursue legal action for injury compensation. When a crash happens because of negligence, the negligent party could be held liable to pay for the results of their inattention. This includes payment to compensate for bodily injury and property damage. If you have fallen victim to crash caused by someone not paying any attention to the road, you have rights.

Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer are the best distracted driver victim accident attorneys looking out for the rights of victims of roadway crashes. If you are hurt and need help, we are here to speak with you right now! Speak to an accident attorney who can advise you of your rights and what to do next to obtain medical care and safeguard your lawsuit value. Call today to see if your case qualifies for a free consultation and contingency fee billing (only pay if you win).

Next Steps to Retain an Accident Injury Lawyer

Anyone hurt in a distracted driver car crash may have the right to obtain compensation. If you have been hurt, do not hesitate reach out to Napolin for help. Call Now: 1-844-984-4878.