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Whiplash Injury

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Auto Accidents & Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash Injury

Whiplash Injury

Neck Whiplash Injury in an Auto Accident - Anyone involved in automobile accidents must be concerned with whiplash injury. This is especially true when involved in a rear-end collision. Whiplash symptoms may arise immediately after a car crash or they may be delayed in terms of days and possibly weeks. When symptoms will arise after exposure to a collision is still not fully understood in the medical community. However, due to delay in manifestation of symptoms to up to weeks, accident victims should be vigilant to watch for the common symptoms associated with it. Subtle and worsening symptoms lead many to ignore the issue under the belief no real issue exists. Ignoring whiplash injury symptoms is not only detrimental to one's health, it can seriously hinder one's ability to prove automobile accident damages.

Basic Symptoms Associated With Whiplash Injury

Whiplash a very common injury associated with car, bus and truck crashes. Whiplash is caused by a sudden movement of the head, either backward, forward, or sideways, that results in the damage to the supporting muscles, ligaments and other connective tissues in the neck and upper back. The term "whiplash" was first used in 1928 to define an injury mechanism of sudden hyperextension followed by an immediate hyperflexion of the neck that results in damage to the muscles, ligaments and tendons – especially those that support the head. Today, we know that whiplash injuries frequently do not result from hyperextension or hyperflexion (extension and flexion beyond normal physiological limits), but rather an extremely rapid extension and flexion that causes injuries.

Symptoms Most Commonly Associated With Whiplash Include:

  • Pain developing in the neck, shoulders and upper back describes as dull and sharp upon exercising range of motion of the head forward and backward, and from side to side.
  • Diminishing Range of Motion (ROM) in the neck and shoulder region connected with pain along with skeletal and muscular damage.
  • Unexplained and unresolved headaches in combination with developing neck pain and diminished range of motion. Headaches may be sign of serious brain injury so consult a physician.
  • Loss of sleep due to the above-mentioned symptoms.

Consequences of Whiplash Due to Automobile Crash

Most people don't obtain medical care after an automobile collision. Reason being that they are not feeling the full pain of their neck injury. However, whiplash injury is often delayed or minor at first, tricking the injury victim into believing that they have not been hurt in the car accident. Unfortunately, by the time more serious complications develop, some of the damage from the injury may have become permanent. Numerous studies have shown that years after whiplash victims settle their insurance claims, roughly half of them state that they still suffer with symptoms from their injuries. If you have been in a motor vehicle or any other kind of accident, don't assume that you escaped injury if you are not currently in pain. Whiplash from a rear-end collision while not life-threatening can lead to serious consequences to one's health and life. Some common bad things that follow include but are not limited to:

  • Permanent disability including depression and anxiety from chronic pain
  • Need to use sick leave at work;
  • loss of productivity on the job and at home; and
  • Need for medical treatment, including physical therapy, chiropractic and possibly surgery for herniated discs.

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