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How to File a Personal Injury Claim

California's Personal Injury Claim Legal Information

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Know How to File a Personal Injury Claim in California

If you have been in an auto accident or other type of collision out on the road that resulted from the neglect of another person or entity, you will need to know how to file a California personal injury claim with the other driver or entity’s insurance company to obtain compensation for the costs that result from the accident.  Such costs include property damage, medical bills (medical specials) and pain and suffering (general damages).

Filing A Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law

If you have been injured in an accident, there are certain things that you need to do so that you can present a claim to the insurance company to recover damages.  At the scene of the accident, make sure the police are called and take a police report that includes statements from witnesses, including drivers and passengers in the vehicles involved in the collision. If you are in pain, tell the police officer that you have injuries. You also want to make sure you write down the police report number and the other driver’s name, address and insurance information. In the event of a multiple car or auto collision, you want to get the information on all drivers involved.

Contact And Hire An Attorney For Your Claim Of Injury

You should contact an attorney immediately for advice before speaking to your insurance company or to the other driver’s insurance company about the details of the accident or the extent of your injuries. If the other insurance company or your insurance company contacts you offering to fix your automobile, go ahead and allow them to inspect your vehicle.  But don’t be fooled into sharing information with insurance companies about your injuries or the specifics of the accident until speaking with an attorney. Why? Because the main goal of the insurance company is to discount your injuries and use your statements out of context to deny your claim and pay you as little money as possible. By hiring an attorney, you will have the benefit of putting up a barrier between you and the insurance company so that you can build the strongest case possible.  Stronger cases mean higher settlements.

Get The Appropriate Medical Attention For Your Claim Of Injury

Personal Injury Medical Attention

Personal Injury Medical Attention

As soon as after the accident as possible, if you have injuries but were not taken by way of ambulance to an emergency room, you need to seek professional medical attention immediately to document your injuries. Failing to seek medical attention for your injuries within a few days is cause for the insurance company to deny that you were even hurt in the accident and often times it is a means to deny your claim. If you have waited to long, it may become more difficult to prove your injuries resulted from the accident, and the insurance companies like this. If you have been involved in an accident in the past few weeks and have not sought medical attention thinking that your pain is just going to go away, you need to contact us immediately. An attorney can give you the direction and build up the medical evidence and your testimony in the appropriate way to strengthen your personal injury claim in the event you have had a gap in treatment.

Finally, you should submit to ongoing medical treatment from a qualified facility familiar with auto accident claims. Why? Because the insurance companies have nurses and doctors on staff that try to deny the payment of medical bills for your injuries if the medical bills do not fall within their criteria for payment. Often the criteria on what the insurance company will pay for is very strict. For example, the timing of treatments and the time in between treatment as well as the substance of treatment is questioned for medical necessity and reasonableness. A qualified doctor will know how to get you the treatment you need to get better and how to make sure your bills are legitimate in the eyes of the insurance company.

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