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How to File A California Workers' Compensation Claim

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    Know the Legal Steps to Assert A Work Injury Claim in California

    If you believe that you have sustained a work-related injury, then you need to know how to file a workers comp claim in California.


    File a Workers Compensation Claim

    How to File a Workers Compensation Claim

    How to File a Workers Compensation Claim

    Where an injury at work occurs, the incident or condition causing the harm should be immediately reported to the correct supervisor at the job site. Upon reporting the accident or repetitive work exposure, the employer must provide a workers compensation claim form known as form DWC-1. The employee completes it and gives it to the employer. On the claim form there will space to explain when, how and where the injury occurred and the body parts affected. Once finished, the employer is required by law to finish the form by completing their portion and sending it to the workers’ compensation insurance company.  The claimant should ask for a copy of the completed form as well. At that point, the claim is on file with the insurance carrier and the law requires that medical care/treatment be provided for the job accident effects until the claim is accepted or denied, no exceptions.

    Failing To Correctly Report A Legal Workers Compensation Claim

    Workers Compensation Claim

    DWC-1 Claim Form

    By failing to report, many workers make the mistake of not starting the process off in the proper fashion. Failing to correctly report an incident or health issue can come about for many different reasons. Sometimes workers fail to report injuries because they do not know that they have a right to claim Workers’ Compensation benefits. Other times, it is the result of fear that reporting something will lead to termination of employment. If you have recently been injured and are afraid to report your injury, or if you are just now learning that you have access to benefits, do not delay, contact an experienced workers compensation attorney immediately. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer will know how to best mitigate the damage possibly caused due to a failure to properly report a job related incident or harmful exposure and/or file a claim form. In addition, an experienced workers’ comp. firm may have the ability to refer to necessary medical help and disability moneys while fighting for the validity of the case in the event the claim is denied due to a delay or lack of timely reporting.

    Help Reporting/Filing A Workers Compensation Law Claim

    Members of the general public who believe an harmful work activity or employment incident has caused injury to their body or psyche have a right to consult and hire a lawyer to pursue their case in a court of law. However, not all cases give rise to benefits. While anyone can file a claim, getting the benefits is usually another issue that often arises. Reach out to Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer and to inquire about a particular situation. Qualifying cases receive a free consultation and contingency fee billing.

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