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Fatal Car Accidents Labor Day

Best Driving Strategies
Alexander D. Napolin Esq.

Alexander D. Napolin, Esq.

Fatal Car Accidents Labor Day is 4th Worst.

Drive Safely and Watch Out for Erratic Drivers on Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is the fourth-deadliest weekend for fatal vehicle accidents, according to statistics (finder.com). The highest rate of fatal vehicle collisions is Fourth of July at 336 deaths, the second is Thanksgiving weekend at 319 deaths. These are the most dangerous holiday weekends to be a motorist on the roads. The fatality data was collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and spanned from 2011 to 2016 in 42 states. California is listed as the state with the highest number of drunk-driving related vehicle accident deaths for Labor Day Holiday. More drivers on the highway create the opportunity for more fatal car accidents Labor Day.

Safe Driving Strategies

Best  Safe Driving Strategies – Car crashes happen for all sorts of reasons. Usually, it is a combination of unfortunate circumstances that lead to a collision. To lessen the chances that you will fall victim to an accident out on the streets, we suggest implementing the following strategies. Consistency is key to lessen the chances of being involved in a car crash, so developing better habits is a must.

While these do not account of all the good habits a person should develop, they are a start. Remember to practice these strategies on a consistent basis to avoid collisions. Here is what is suggested as the best driving strategies to avoid crashes:

Best Driving Strategies to avoid fatal car accidents Labor Day

Best Driving Strategies to avoid fatal car accidents Labor Day

Don't Drive Under the Influence

Never drive impaired by any substance, whether legal or not. A significant amount of collisions occur due to impairment, either by alcohol or some other substance such as illegal or prescription narcotics. To stop causing a collision and to protect against falling victim to someone’s negligence, maintain sobriety while operating.

Leave Space Between Cars

Leave plenty of car lengths between you and those ahead of you, especially when traveling on the freeways at higher rates of speed. Apply the two-second rule. At any speed adjust the distance between you and the driver in front of you. Stated simply, the ideal distance is maintained where it takes 2 or more seconds to pass a stationary object that was just passed by the vehicle in front of you. Plenty of space between vehicles is the rule. Road hazards cause many vehicle accidents. Those who travel at a safe distance are often able to dodge the hazard, even where the driver in front of them could not.

Always Use Turn Signals

Drivers change lanes at high speeds in heavy traffic without alerting other drivers to their intention to do so beforehand. Other drivers do not anticipate sudden lane changes and might decide to enter the lane that you intend to proceed into. Either the two vehicles will hit one another or a knee-jerk reaction could create a chain of events that turns into a pile-up on the freeway.

Look Both Ways

Look both ways before proceeding into an intersection, even where you have the green light. Running a red light can cause a crash. This means that watching both ways as you approach an intersection could alert you such an offender. While not always possible, making sure that the intersection is clear is a good habit to form to lessen the chances of impact and injury.

Adjust for Weather

Be aware of weather conditions that affect your ability to control the vehicle. When rains hit Southern California, drivers should alter their behavior to account for potential oil slicks, hydro-planing and lowered visibility. Drive slower and take turns more easily. Always proceed with caution in areas of lowered visibility.

Facing the wrongful death of a family member is beyond difficult. Grieving is a process and it takes many forms. Cautious driving may help prevent fatal car accidents Labor Day.

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