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Riverside Car Accident Law Firm

Riverside Car Accident Law Firm

A Riverside car accident law firm has the qualities and the resources to take a lawsuit all the way to a trial. When dealing with a difficult insurance company, it is best to have the threat of trial by jury on your side. This threat can and does level the playing field in favor of the client.

Why? Because insurance companies have endless resources and are in business to make money. To achieve profitability, the carrier’s system defines factors and assigns a monetary value to each factor that exists in your case. In order to overcome the system's assigned number, the injured party must force the adjuster to face a human element outside of its risk management system. Sometimes, the only way to achieve justice and get the carrier to pay fair compensation is to introduce the threat of a jury who can force the adjuster to disregard their assigned case value.

Using a Jury to Achieve Justice for Injury Victims

Not all attorney offices are willing to take a case all the way to trial. Sometimes it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit and take a claim to trial. We make great efforts to complete a thorough investigation into the facts of the case. We put a strong settlement demand forward with a time limit for the adjuster to respond. If there is no response, or if the insurance company's offer is not acceptable based upon the downsides and rewards of further litigation, then we proceed to a jury to achieve justice.

Your Attorney to Collect Compensation and Provide Counseling

Alexander Napolin Car Accident Attorney RiversideFalling victim to a serious car accident injury takes a major emotional toll on the victim and their family members. Medical bills start piling up and need to be paid. Pain and suffering damages are also a big issue. Sadly, many car crash attorneys do little beyond the simple legal prosecution of the injury claim. In addition to legal representation, the best car accident law firm will provide guidance and support to its clients. The practice should do more than just file paperwork and show up to the courtroom. Instead, it should also counsel its clients on how to get by during difficult times.

Besides that, using our wisdom to guide each individual that we represent is a strong suit of ours. At Riverside car accident law firm, we provide real counseling on how to approach life after an injury. We help you cope with uncertainty over their future. Do not go it alone without someone to help you. Get the help you need by speaking with a caring lawyer today at no cost. Call 951-200-5035.