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Car Accident Settlement Value In Inland Empire California

How to Calculate Your Car Accident Settlement Value in Inland Empire California

Calculating Car Accident Settlement Value for Your Case – Many factors are at play in determining the value of a car accident bodily injury settlement amount. Some of the factors are objective facts surrounding the accident and injury, while others are subjective based upon the perspective and interests of the involved parties.

A Complete Analysis of Your Case is Required

Only after full discovery and only after a complete analysis by a licensed and competent Ontario car accident attorney can a true opinion on settlement be rendered by a lawyer to their client. With that said, what follows is a list of factors that an attorney might consider when evaluating the dollar value of a car accident injury lawsuit or insurance claim.

Car Accident Settlement Value Calculation

Car Accident Settlement Value Calculation

Anyone speculating as to the value of a truck, car, motor vehicle, bicycle, plane or train accident where bodily injury or death results should immediately contact a local lawyers office for guidance and possible representation. While the information provides insight into the thought processes of an experienced auto accident lawyer, it cannot and should not constitute a legal analysis of an individual's actual case value. Remember, no one knows the future and both sides must find common ground to have a settlement. Therefore, take the following factors for what they are worth, as guidance on how to have a meaningful conversation with the firm providing representation to the injury victim.

How Badly Were You Injured?

Nature and Extent of Sustained Injuries – Next consider the nature and extent of the bodily injury suffered as a result of the car accident. Severe injuries that are permanent in nature are generally worth more money. Do x-rays, MRIs or nerve conduction tests show objective injury? If the injury victim complains of severe pain in the neck but comes out with a clean MRI, that person must face the fact that the value of there case may not be as much as someone with an objective disc herniation or fractured vertebrae.

While neck strain and pain is worth something, the cost of medical care usually (not always) drives claim value in personal injury auto collision claims. Surgical injuries are more severe. The more objective findings, the greater the cash settlement value. If liability is clear and the nature and extent of the injury are also severe, consider it a bigger case.

Important Factors at Play in Determining Car Accident Settlement Amount for Inland Empire California Residents

Fault – Where fault, also known as liability, falls on the other party without dispute, car accident settlement value will depend mostly on the nature and extent of the injuries suffered by the plaintiff. Where fault is not clear or likely to be split equally between the two parties to the lawsuit, the settlement value will depend on the severity of the injuries plus either an offset for comparative fault or a discount on the basis that liability could go against the plaintiff. When considering a settlement, consider whether the fault for the accident is clearly against the defendant. If it is, move to the next factor. If you were partially at fault then the car accident settlement value will be discounted.

Defendant Insurance Policy Limits

Defendant Insurance Policy Limits

How Deep are the Defendant's Pockets?

Pockets of the Defendant – Finally does the opposing party have enough money to pay the damages? If the defendant is poor without insurance, there is no money to collect. This is why I always advise my clients, friends and family to buy extra protection in the form of uninsured insurance coverage from their own car insurance carrier. If there is no insurance and the defendant has no assets it will be hard to recover. The lawyer should be able to investigate the defendant's insurance policy prior to a settlement demand to discover exactly what type of recovery is possible.

Subjective Factors Impacting the Car Accident Settlement Value

Subjective Factors – Sometimes a party fights a claim extra hard for reasons beyond the understanding of the opposing party. For example, some insurance carriers decide to litigate cases despite clear liability. You are going to have to prove their liability in court. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the insurance carrier has limited exposure, so they won't settle for the policy limits. In California, this could open the insurance company up to paying more than their policy. Sometimes the lawyers for the insurance carrier want to rack up larger legal bills before ending the case. This can cost the plaintiff more money to prosecute the case. These greater expenses might include increased attorney fees and costs of filing, expert witness fees and depositions.


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