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Accident and Injuries

Legal News on Accident and Injuries Law Information

Accident and Injuries law refers to the legal treatments as well as defenses associated with civil lawsuits brought as an outcome of unlawful negligent conduct. Actually, the word “tort” originates from a Latin term meaning twist, incorrect, harm or injury. Accidents take place. We hear it all the time, and also typically chalk it up as either bad or good luck or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But occasionally an accident and a resulting injury are someone’s negligent fault. If somebody is at fault for your injuries, they have to pay if you have medical bills, missed work and pay, or perhaps worse, injuries and damages. There’s a big and usually complicated area of law that covers accidents, the injuries they cause, and also identifying who, if any individual, is at fault.

The Definition of an Employee for Workers Compensation

For the purposes of workers compensation, everyone is an employee except for independent contractors. That means, regardless of the way you received your employment, you are an employee and are entitled for workers compensation benefits. Who is an Employee for Workers Compensation Purposes? For the purposes of workers’ compensation, an individual is deemed an employee…

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