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Car Accidents

News on various different laws about car accidents within California city freeways and highways. Learn more about the different laws through the Napolin law Firm. Each year their are new laws placed on the books of California law. Here at the Napolin Law Firm, we keep you up to date on all the motor vehicle laws for your best legal information website to turn to. Car Accidents happen everyday. If you happen to be involved in a serious auto accident in Southern California. Contact our local law office today and learn more on how to pursue your car accident injury claim. Learn more about Motor Vehicle accidents here: – Car Accident Law.

The California Motor Vehicle code sets forth the rules that must be followed by all who drive on the California roadways and freeways. By following a common set of rules, we get around efficiently and safely. But what happens when someone breaks the rules and causes someone else injuries in an auto accident? California rules of negligence hold the person causing the accident liable to pay for damages. All automobile owners in California must carry minimum liability insurance policy limits of $15,000.00/$30,000.00.

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