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Our Claremont firm promises that you won't have to pay any attorney fees or costs unless your case is a success. No hidden fees, no hidden terms, we promise.

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Claremont Accident Injury Lawyer

If you are injured in an accident, you should speak with the best accident injury attorney. The insurance company of the person who hurt you is not on your side. Do not take everything the adjuster tells you as the truth. Instead, be skeptical of them and contact a top personal injury lawyer in Claremont, California.

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Mr. Napolin is a personal injury lawyer who uses proven methods to make his client's case successful. Mr. Napolin believes that his own unique approach to injury claims creates the most successful case outcomes for those whom he serves. When you hire Napolin, you gain a knowledgeable law attorney with a diverse and energetic legal team to help you with your accident injury.

Why Choose Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer

Choosing an accident injury attorney with a reputation of success is important. Napolin has a track record of success. But many firms boast that that their years in practice and past trial wins make them your best attorney choice. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A lawyer's years in practice and success on past cases will not determine the success of your case. In fact, many other factors will determine whether your case is successful or not. Case success means that a case is evaluated correctly, and then timely prosecuted in a way that improves the client's overall well-being. Therefore, our California law firm puts the focus on you and not on how much we have collected for others.

Since starting practice in 2011, Napolin's firm has developed as one of the most well-rounded lawyer firms in Claremont. Our reputation as quality Ca. personal injury lawyers is not measured solely by the amount of money collected for our clients before you. Instead, it is best measured by the success our clients experience when we apply our unique philosophy and method to their case. We have developed a great formula of success with client-attorney relationships that make each and every case a success. And, with a track record of success on literally thousands of accident injury cases, you know that you have chosen the very best to help you through difficult times.

Learn How Our Legal Team Can Help. Call Today.

If you are hurt and are looking for help, your next step is to call our Claremont law team. Early advice and guidance can make a world of difference. All calls are free and strictly confidential, so there is no risk to you.

Our client-focused legal team is ready to provide answers to your questions and guidance in your time of need. Reach us  1-909-325-6032 and receive your free, confidential legal injury case consultation.

Our Claremont Legal Team

Attorney Alexander Napolin here in Claremont California. I'm an automobile accident lawyer and a resident of Claremont. I live in the Village, Claremont. I offer free consultation a if you are injured in a traffic collision, car accident, motorcycle accident or other incident involving an automobile. Calling a car accident lawyer doesn't mean you hire the lawyer. During a free consultation, I learn the specifics of your situation and offer insight about different courses or action.

I provide guidance on the insurance claims process and the benefits and detriments of legal action in the courts. If representation is needed, many car accident cases qualify for contingency fee billing, meaning you only pay at attorney fees and costs at the end of the case from settlement proceeds. It makes things simple and risk free to you.

Napolin's Practice:

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If your injury makes travelling difficult, we will arrange to visit you at your home or in the hospital.

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About Alexander Napolin,

Napolin is a 100% plaintiff-side personal injury lawyer in Claremont California. This means that he never defends any corporations or insurance carriers.

Napolin is a graduate of Pepperdine University and California State University, Fullerton. He double-majored in Amercian Studies and Business Administration.

Napolin's notable cases include Sanchez v. Children's Dental Group and Spencer v. MGM Resorts. He is currently working alongside the finest trial attorneys in the country.

Napolin is dedicated to helping people with injuries of all magnitudes. If you have been injured and need help, schedule a valuable, free initial consultation

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Statute of Limitations

Definition: time limit to file a legal action in court. Learn more about time limits to file a case for personal injury, auto accident injury, motorcycle crash, workplace injuries, wrongful death and workers' compensation.

Time limits are strictly enforced in Claremont, California, so talk to an attorney as soon as possible to protect your legal rights. All calls to Napolin are free and held in strict confidence. Do not hesitate to get the advice that you need.

Accident Lawyers Help When You Need it Most

Napolin Accident Injury Lawyers Claremont puts a successful trial team in your corner. Our legal team knows how to present your case and take on the big insurance companies in court. When you obtain the advocacy of Napolin, you gain the benefit of a law firm that has studied and understands the current law and insurance system. We have decades of courtroom experience coupled with a forward thinking and innovative mindset that keeps us one step ahead of the insurance companies game. With a principal office located in the historic downtown area (the village), Napolin is conveniently located to provide in person meetings and services to those who reside in Claremont. Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions about automobile accidents in California:

Answers to Common Questions About Auto Accidents and Injuries

How do I file an auto injury claim?

Be sure to get the other driver's insurance information. If they do not have insurance, you should set up a claim with your own insurance company. Call the insurance carrier of the other driver. Explain that an accident happened and you need to set up a new claim. If you are hurt, it is best to contact an auto accident attorney like Napolin.

How do I settle auto accident injury claim?

You will need to set up a claim first. You then need to collect all of your medical records, bills, lost wages, and proof of your pain and suffering damages. Send everything to the insurance carrier with a letter explaining that you would like to settle your claim. The adjuster will likely give you a low-ball settlement unless you have an auto accident attorney like Napolin.

How do I calculate my auto injury settlement?.

Every case is different and there is no certain way to calculate your settlement. The only way to know for sure is to submit a settlement demand and negotiate with the insurance carrier. Add up all of your medical records, bills, and lost earnings, then add an additional amount that you think is fair for your pain and suffering. The nature and extent of your injuries determine the pain and suffering amount. You will likely be short-changed so it's best to call an automobile accident injury lawyer like Napolin right after the accident and before you talk to the adjuster.

How do auto injury claims work?

Liability auto injury claims pay out one lump sum in exchange for a release of liability. Therefore, you must gather evidence of all of your damages before receiving a payment. Medical payment coverage works differently and pays out as bills are presented.

What is auto personal injury protection?

Personal injury protection or PIP is purchased by you to pay medical bills if you are injured in an accident. If you have personal injury protection, then you can present a claim to your auto insurance company for payment. Coverage pays up to a dollar limit that you purchase. The limit is listed on your declarations page within your auto insurance policy.

What is bodily injury auto insurance?

Bodily injury auto insurance covers injury to others caused by you while operating a covered automobile. The minimum bodily injury coverage in California is $15,000.00 per person for bodily injury, $30,000.00 per incident for bodily injury, $5,000.00 per incident property damage. If you have been hurt in a car accident, motorcycle accident or as a pedestrian on the street, you need to know the defendant's insurance limits. Call Napolin for help finding out more about what to do next.

What is my auto injury claim worth?

The value of your automobile accident claim depends on how hurt you are and how much insurance is available to pay. If there is no insurance to pay, then it is worth nothing. The claimant must prove their damages. The value of a claim is estimated by adding up all of the damages.

Your Case, Claim, Lawsuit Success Begins with Our Law Firm.

Claremont Accident Injury Lawyer provides representation to individual claimants in the following areas of injury law:

  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Catastrophic Injury Cases
  • Wrongful Death Actions
  • Premises Liability, Slip and Falls
  • Automobile, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents
  • Dog Bite and Animal Attacks

Your case success begins with an automobile accident personal injury legal firm. To help you learn your options, we provide:

  • A free legal case review;
  • A $0 FEE Promise for our legal services until we win or settle your claim or case;
  • A Legal team dedicated to your well-being;
  • Access to quality medical and chiropractic doctors for injury treatment; and
  • A track record of outstanding case outcomes.

Whether you are involved in a car crash, motorcycle accident, work injury, slip and fall, or dog bite, you owe it to yourself to retain the best legal representation possible to safeguard your interests. Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to helping people just like you get their lives back on track. We are a client-focused law firm specializing in accident injury claims and lawsuits against insurance companies.

Claremont California's Premier Auto Accident Personal Injury Lawyer

Car Accident Law

Car Accident Collision Information Claremont

Claremont Auto Accident Injury Information

Car Accidents in Claremont California

Car Accidents in Claremont California

If and when you are involved in an auto accident in California, you should collect certain pieces of information from the other driver or drivers involved. Most people do collect this information, but some do not.

Injured In An Auto Accident?

Certain Information you need to get from the other Driver

Collect the following:

  • Full name on the other driver or drivers.
  • Driver’s license number connected with all the other drivers or driver.
  • Other drivers or driver date of birth.
  • Insurance coverage details from the other motorist, for example the insurance provider as well as insurance policy number and
  • License plate from the other driver’s vehicle.

Serving The Car Accident Law Needs Of Claremont, Ca. Residents

If you or a loved one is unfortunately involved in a car accident in the state of California, there are a number of important steps that you need to take next. Making sure that you understand the process of personal injury law and know what is required of you is a big first step towards navigating your case to the best possible conclusion in a court of law.

After The Injury: The First Steps To Take

Personal Injury Lawsuits

Personal Injury Lawsuits

In the minutes, hours and even days after a car accident or other type of personal injury situation, it is understandable for you to feel overwhelmed. Use this helpful resource to find out what you should do immediately as well as what potential issues you need to watch out for in the days ahead.

Learn More On Car Accidents And What To Do Next -
Car Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, leaving victims feeling confused, stressed and overwhelmed. Learn more on how our Law Firm can help you.... Car Accident Injury Legal Help.

Claremont Auto Accident Injuries?

Deciding On The Best Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Attorney In Claremont Ca.

Claremont Car Accidents

Claremont Car Accidents

Once you start the steps involved in searching for a car accident lawyer, it is best to have a couple of essential things on your mind. To begin with, it is best to select a qualified professional that has knowledge about the unique style of injuries that you have experienced in a motor vehicle collision.

Motorcycle cases differ from motor vehicle accident court cases which can be distinctive from the injuries suffered with compensation for benefits in healthcare and medical needs. Make sure that you select someone who you will have confidence in above your expectations in a lawyer plus who's equipped to direct you through every part in the legal process for the most effective, favourable outcome possible.

Because we deeply believe that all people in Claremont, California and the surrounding areas should have access to high quality legal professionals regardless of obstacles like their current financial situation, we also proudly offer a "No Fee Promise" to all of our clients. Simply put, if we don't win your case, you don't pay for our services - end of story. We want to take whatever steps are necessary to help make sure that you not only are awarded any financial compensation that you are entitled to, but that you also walk away as happy as possible from your situation.

In need of a Personal Injury Car Accident Lawyer, call Napolin Accident Lawyer at 909-325-6032 or fill out a case evaluation form at

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I highly recommend Mr. Napolin’s services. I was in a car accident and he made the process very easy for me and was very helpful. He kept me updated throughout the case and I am very happy I chose him as my attorney, and happy with the results, as I WON my case! Thank you Mr. Napolin for your excellent services.

Reviewer: Sayrs Ojeda

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