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I promise that you will not pay any Claremont California injury attorney fees or costs unless your case is a success. No hidden fees, no hidden terms, I promise. - Alexander Napolin Esquire

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An Open Letter By Alexander Napolin Esquire

If you are hurt in an accident and live in Claremont, then you need to speak with the best Claremont accident injury lawyer. The insurance company of the person who hurt you is not on your side. Do not listen to the advice of the insurance adjuster. Instead, you searched "injury attorney near me" for advice that you can trust.

Top Accident Injury Attorney in Claremont California.

Alexander Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer

Alexander Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer

I am a top Claremont personal injury lawyer who asserts claims against the insurance companies using proven methodology. My approach when prosecuting accident injury claims results in successful outcomes for my clients. When you hire my law firm, you acquire an energetic and diverse legal team dedicated to your success.

Why Choose Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer

Choosing Claremont accident injury attorneys with a reputation of success is important. I have a track record of success. So many firms boast about past successes and how that makes them the best lawyer to take care of your needs. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

A law firm's length of existence and success on past cases does not determine the success of any future individual case. In fact, many other factors affect whether a personal injury case is successful or not. Case success means that a case is evaluated correctly, and then timely prosecuted in a way that improves the client's overall well-being. That's why my firm puts the focus on you and not on how much we have collected for others.

Since opening our doors in 2011, I have developed into a well-rounded Claremont accident injury lawsuit law firm. My reputation as quality car accident lawyer is not measured solely by the amount of money collected for my clients before you. Instead, it is best measured by the success stories that my clients experience when I apply my unique philosophy and method to their case. I have developed a great formula of success with client-attorney relationships that make each and every case a success. And, with a track record of success on literally thousands of accident injury cases, you know that you have chosen the very best to help you through difficult times.

Learn How I Can Help. Call Me.

If you would like to learn how we can help, your next step is to call our Claremont California law office. All calls are free and strictly confidential, so there is no risk to you.

Our client-focused legal team is ready to provide answers to all of your questions. Call 1-909-325-6032 to receive your free and confidential legal case consultation.

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About Claremont Resident Alexander Napolin

Napolin is a 100% plaintiff-side Claremont personal injury lawyer. This means that he never defends any insurance companies.

Napolin is a born native of Orange County. He graduated Troy High School and completed California State University, Fullerton in 2008 when he received two B.A. degrees, in American Studies and Business Administration. He earned his law degree from Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu, California.

Napolin's notable cases include Sanchez v. Children's Dental Group and Spencer v. Stephen Paddock; MGM Resorts. He is currently working alongside the best trial attorneys on various cases involving catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death.

Napolin is dedicated to helping people with injuries of all magnitudes. If you are injured and need help, then you should submit your case for review with Napolin APC, Mr. Napolin's professional corporation.

Can't Make it to Our Claremont Office? Don't Worry, We're Virtual!

Napolin remains committed to providing first-class personal injury representation throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. By utilizing technology, clients do not need to come to our office to sign paperwork or have a one on one meeting with the attorney.

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Read what Claremont clients have to say about Our Law Practice

I would like to start of by thanking Claremont attorney Alexander and his entire staff for handling my case in a very professional manner. All of my calls were returned, I received good communication, and I had access to speak with a lawyer. Thankfully now all of my bills are covered and I have plenty left over to get back on my feet. I could not have made a better choice when I chose you to help me. I would definitely recommend Alexander and his team to all my friends, family, and anybody out there in need of a law firm that really knows how to take care of their clients.
Reviewer: Roman Pascual Five Star Rating 5 out of 5 stars Read more reviews on Avvo

Statute of Limitations

Definition: time limit to file a legal action in court. Learn more about time limits to file a case for personal injury, auto accident injury, motorcycle crash, workplace injuries, wrongful death and workers' compensation.

Time limits are strictly enforced in Claremont, California, so talk to an attorney as soon as possible to protect your legal rights. All calls to Napolin are free and held in strict confidence. Do not hesitate to get the advice that you need.

Note From Napolin

My Case Results Are Meaningful To Me, But My Greatest Achievement Is The Overall Positive Impact My Work Has On The Life Of Each Of My Clients. Remember, Past Case Results Are Not A Guarantee Of Success On Your Case.

- Alexander Napolin Esquire

✅ Notable Settlements And Judgments

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Types include: Car Accident, Work Accident, Workers' Compensation, Dog Bite, Work Injury, Motorcycle Crash, Uber Accident, Traffic Collision, Lyft Crash, Head-on-Collision, Rear-End Collision, Slip and Fall, Wrongful Death Claims.

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Car Accident Law

Car Accident Collision Information Claremont

Claremont Auto Accident Injury Information

Car Accidents in Claremont California

Car Accidents in Claremont California

Involved in an auto accident in California? You should collect certain pieces of information from the other driver or drivers involved. Most people do collect this information, but some do not, or not all of it.

Injured In An Auto Accident on Foothill Blvd, 10 Freeway or Surface Street in Claremont California?

Certain Information you need to get from the other Driver

Collect the following:

  • Full name on the other driver or drivers.
  • Driver’s license number connected with all the other drivers or driver.
  • Other drivers or driver date of birth.
  • Insurance coverage details from the other motorist, for example the insurance provider as well as insurance policy number and
  • License plate from the other driver’s vehicle.

Serving The Car Accident Law Needs Of Claremont Residents

If you or a loved one is unfortunately involved in a car accident in the state of California, there are a number of important steps that you need to take next. Making sure that you understand the process of personal injury law and know what is required of you is a big first step towards navigating your case to the best possible conclusion in a court of law.

After The Injury: The First Steps To Take

Personal Injury Lawsuits

Personal Injury Lawsuits

In the minutes, hours and even days after a car accident or other type of personal injury situation, it is understandable for you to feel overwhelmed. Use this helpful resource to find out what you should do immediately as well as what potential issues you need to watch out for in the days ahead.

Learn More On Car Accidents And What To Do Next -
Car Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, leaving victims feeling confused, stressed and overwhelmed. Learn more on how our Law Firm can help you.... Car Accident Injury Legal Help.

Auto Accident Injuries?

Deciding On The Best Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Attorney In Claremont Ca.

Claremont Car Accidents

Claremont Car Accidents

Once you start the steps involved in searching for a car accident attorney, it is best to have a couple of essential things on your mind. To begin with, it is best to select a qualified professional that has knowledge about the unique style of injuries that you have experienced in a motor vehicle collision.

Motorcycle cases differ from motor vehicle accident court cases which can be distinctive from the injuries suffered with compensation for benefits in healthcare and medical needs. Make sure that you select someone who you will have confidence in above your expectations in a lawyer plus who's equipped to direct you through every part in the legal process for the most effective, favourable outcome possible.

Because we deeply believe that all people in Claremont, California and the surrounding areas should have access to high quality legal professionals regardless of obstacles like their current financial situation, we also proudly offer a "No Fee Promise" to all of our clients. Simply put, if we don't win your case, you don't pay for our services - end of story. We want to take whatever steps are necessary to help make sure that you not only are awarded any financial compensation that you are entitled to, but that you also walk away as happy as possible from your situation.

In need of a Personal Injury Car Accident Lawyer, call Napolin Accident Lawyer at 909-325-6032 or fill out a case evaluation form at www.NapolinLaw.com.

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