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Beautiful Claremont California

Beautiful Claremont California

Napolin Law Firm, Inc. provides experienced legal representation for a variety of different legal issues that ordinary people face at one time or another in their lives. The firm's number one goal is to provide the best possible legal services to clients at the most reasonable rates possible. To learn more about the different services the law office offer, please visit the main webpage NapolinLaw.com and browse around. Find more information about the general knowledge of each practice area. If having a legal issue, do not be scared to contact a local Claremont law attorney who might be able to give appropriate guidance to make the right decision about whether or not to take legal action. When calling Napolin, expect to speak to an attorney right then and there, and know that there is zero charge for any initial consultation over the phone with one of the lawyers. Consider calling with questions about any of the following areas:

California Workers' Compensation Law

The firm's California workers' compensation attorneys are ready to assist callers with the complex and litigious workers compensation claims process. The first step towards a better understanding of a work injury lawsuit and how an attorney can help will be through a free case evaluation. During that first obligation and completely free phone call with an attorney, the caller gains insights into the legal problems or issues that they face. The lawyer will evaluate if whether or not the case is something that the law firm can take on. In the process, the prospective client is given pointers and some ideas about where it might stand legally if no action is taken or lawyer hired. Once the caller speaks with a Claremont attorney, there is confidence in a better understanding about the work compensation case.

California Auto Accident | Personal Injury Law

If suffering from an injury due to an automobile collision that was caused by the fault of someone else, always speak with an attorney ASAP about protecting valuable legal right to recover damages from the person who caused the collision. Under the theory of negligence, when someone acts imprudently, and their actions cause harm to another, it is possible that an actionable lawsuit exists for a California personal injury. However, there are many things to consider when making a determination as to whether to pursue it. Do not rely on general information found on this website or the internet. You need to call us and speak to a knowledgeable legal professional about your possible lawsuit. You will get some guidance on how to find the right law firm for you. If we can take on the fight for you, do not expect to have to pay us unless we recover money on your behalf via settlement, award, arbitration or mediation!

California Bankruptcy Law

Many people in the United States suffer devastating financial hardship at least one time in their life. When such demise occurs, the government has a way to free someone of the shackles of financial indebtedness. The process is known as bankruptcy. If you are experiencing a situation where you cannot pay your debts and are seeking a fresh start, contact us to see if you qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy under federal law. We are compassionate advisors who know the laws and how to apply them to get you out of debt by wiping it out completely. Our fees are reasonable and our service is personal. Call today to speak to someone at our office about filing a Bankruptcy. Do not go another day thinking your life is over when that might not be the case! Get help like multitudes of other people have with our expertise on their side! There is no shame in it! It is perfectly legal!

California Immigration Law (Work Permits)

Claremont Law Attorney

Claremont Law Attorney

Millions of ordinary people are living in the United States illegally (without the proper paperwork). Despite not having proper paperwork, millions of these people make a living in America year after year and live among those who have documents. A significant majority of undocumented residents here in the US also have children who are United States Citizens, some of whom are minors and dependent on their undocumented parents to survive. Up until now, no protection was offered for those who need to stay in the country to support US citizen children. Things are different now. President Barak Obama has declared that he will not enforce immigration law to deport illegal residents if they have children here who are citizens, so long as some other criteria are met. If you or a loved family member is here without the proper paperwork and has children who are citizens, it is time to make them aware that they can get protection from deportation. Here at our office, we are working diligently to prepare those who are ready and willing to obtain this protection under Obama's Executive Order. Call us to speak to an immigration lawyer today! Not many know about the new programs, but we are on top of it! The first to apply will be the first to obtain the proper protections under the new proclamation! Let Napolin help starting right now!

 Other Selected Legal Areas

In addition to the above-enumerated services, we also provide advocacy in the area of DUI, Criminal and Family Law (Divorces). However, we limit our representation in these areas by only taking on a select number of cases per year. In the event you need help in these areas and we cannot take the case, our law office is happy to refer your matter to another lawyer in the local area for possible representation of your case.

Remember that all causes must be pursued in a timely manner or important rights could be lost. Varying time limits apply depending on the legal theory being asserted in court. Do not hesitate to get the help you need from a Claremont California Law Attorney today!