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La Verne Car Accident Legal Services

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Legal Services

Legal Services

A significant number of people who have experienced a car accidents avoid or delay in engaging legal services. When asked why, they respond with the concern of inability to pay even though they are in desperate need. Others are not concerned with the actual cost and, instead, express concerns over being misled by the wrong attorney. If you are one who is concerned about reaching out to a lawyer for help due to cost or trust issues, then you need to contact The Napolin Law Firm. Anyone needing to share their predicament after an automobile crash is met with welcoming arms when they contact Napolin. Each and every inquiry is met with a free talk with a knowledgeable and wise personal injury trial attorney in La Verne.

During that first discussion with an attorney, you will learn the value of retaining a lawyer for your unique situation and issues. You will also learn whether we can represent your interests without any money up front. Most who are hurt by another person’s negligence will qualify to have our team of attorneys and paralegals advise them, guide them and advocate for them in court at no cost until the case is won.

Once we are engaged to represent your interests, we set out to do the following:

1) prove the other driver’s negligence;

2) show that you suffered injuries; and

3) collect compensation for economic and medical expenses.

Prove The Other Driver's Negligence

services for legal assistance

services for legal assistance

When a car accident arises, there is usually one driver at fault for it. When a driver is at fault, it means that their negligent driving caused the collision between two or more automobiles, or between an automobile and pedestrian or motorcycle. The plaintiff must show fault in order to maintain a successful lawsuit against the negligent driver. In many instances it is not always clear who caused a crash. Even where the plaintiff believes that they have a clear recollection of the occurrences leading up to the collision that place the other party in the wrong, others might see things differently.

This means that further investigation is always necessary to be sure that the facts can be proven in a court of law. Objective evidence and witness evidence should be collected as soon as possible because over time it tends to get lost as memories fade. At The Napolin Law Firm, we dive into the facts from the very beginning to find the other party in the wrong

Show That You Suffered Injuries

In addition to proving fault, it is also the plaintiff’s burden to show that you suffered injuries from the crash. Many see their injuries as obvious and therefore do not take the right steps to document that their damages arose out of the collision. Nothing could be more detrimental to a case than the victim’s failure to document damages. To do so, the client needs to get the right care in a timely manner for the health condition arising from the incident. At The Napolin Law Firm, guidance is always available to the client on what to do to document medical conditions and pain and suffering. Once the proper treatment is administered, we put in the leg work for you to collect and organize the records and bills to prove damages.

Collect Economic And Medical Expenses

law services lawyer

law services lawyer

La Verne Car Accident Legal Services – Our attorneys have decades of combined understanding of accident injury. We implement strong insurance claim tactics and litigation strategies to collect economic and medical expenses on your behalf. After all, the ultimate goal of engaging legal services is to pay for the damages created in the aftermath of a crash. Once the necessary evidence to win the case is collected, we go above and beyond to demand just compensation. If we can’t get a fair settlement from the adjuster, we file and pursue a lawsuit to maximize your outcome.

Do not wait to enlist the help of a La Verne personal injury lawyer. Delay could end up being extremely detrimental to collecting compensation needed to get back into the rhythm of life. We are here to achieve justice on your behalf. Find out if we can help you, starting with a phone call at no cost.