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Bus Accidents Attorney

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Bus Accidents Attorney
Bus Accidents Attorney
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Bus accidents happen much less frequently than car accidents, yet every year dozens of people are injured and killed from accidents involving large buses. Although less often, bus accidents tend to cause a great deal of damage due to the large size and heavy weight of the vehicle. Also bus accidents tend to be particularly destructive and may claim multiple victims and cause damage to the properties of multiple individuals. When these claims do arise, discuss the common injuries that accompany such incidents and the unique issues that many face when dealing with these types of tort claims.

Bus Accident Injury Information Specifics

Collisions involving buses are not unlike those involving cars, in the sense that an accident can range in severity from a mild fender-bender to a catastrophic wreck. However, buses are very large and heavy vehicles that generally transport multiple people at a time, therefore there are unique and additional precautions that must be respected.

As frequent bus riders know, most buses are not equip with any sort of safety belts or restraints which are made to keep passengers in their seats while in motion.  And, unlike most standard passenger cars, buses are much more susceptible to tip-over or roll-over accidents. Combining these issues can be a recipe for disaster if a wreck were to occur. Although buses are on average in far less accidents than standard vehicles, a collision or wreck involving a bus is potentially far more devastating.

Aside from traffic collisions, there are other ways a person can suffer an  injury due to a bus. It is not uncommon for a passenger on a bus to slip and fall, while walking or standing in the aisle, and become seriously injured. Such an accident could easily happen on a rainy day when the bus aisle is slippery, or during a time of congestion when passengers are forced to stand due to lack of seating space.

Pedestrians may also be injured in a bus accident. Urban areas that rely heavily on forms of public transportation, like buses, also tend to be areas with large amounts of on-foot travelers and pedestrians. Because of this, collisions between pedestrians and buses are not uncommon.

Bus Accident Injury Claims

Bus Accidents Attorney

Bus Accidents Attorney

Since there are multiple scenarios in which a person can get injured due to a bus accident or mishap, there can be unique issues that arise when trying to set forth and settle an injury claim. In a situation where an accident is caused by the driver of another car, a third-party claim can be made with the drivers insurance company which will seek compensation for damages such as medical expenses and lost wages.

Complications can arise when the driver of the bus is at fault for the accident. This is due to the fact that the majority of buses are owned and operated by government entities, and filing a claim with a government body can be far more complicated than a standard insurance claim.

Determining Liability in Bus Accident Cases

When dealing with a large collision involving a bus liner, often times some initial investigation is crucial. There are many potential factors or situations that may directly cause or contribute to the collision. Some common reasons include:

  • drivers who are working while fatigued
  • transportation company failed to adequately train driver or properly vet employee
  • drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • overloaded or improperly loaded with passengers
  • equipment and interior is not maintained properly

Discover the Best Attorney For Bus Accident Lawsuits

Following any vehicular accident it is in your best interest to see a doctor and receive medical treatment for any and all injuries. Once you have gotten the medical attention you need you will be able to use the medical records and billing statements to document and support any injury claim you need to make. Contact an attorney in order to obtain legal guidance and council, and do so in a timely manner to better insure that you receive compensation.  Our bus accidents attorney firm may be able to help. Please inquire about a free consultation by calling our law office.

Next Steps to Hire a Bus Accidents Attorney

If you or a loved one is hurt by a bus in any way, you should immediately consider the legalities of the situation. If someone else is at fault, consulting with a bus accidents attorney like Napolin is a must. Inquire with a free and confidential toll free phone call: 1 (844) 984-4878 - We are available!