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California Attorney for Slip and Fall Accidents Injuries

California Attorney for Slip and Fall Accidents Injuries

California Attorney for Slip and Fall Accidents Injuries

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common causes of small and serious fatalities. They can occur in any place and can have many causes. Depending on their facts, a slip and fall claim may be categorized as a personal injury or workers compensation claim. Slip and fall accidents represent 12% of hospital emergency room visits. For work injuries, falls constitute 5% of accidents for men and 11% for women. They are a leading cause of workers compensation for older employees of 55 years and older. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, slip and falls account for 2.7 million emergency injuries and 7.3 million medically attended injuries per year.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents and Injuries.

You can slip and fall by walking indoors or outdoors. It can occur inside a store, in parking lots and on sideways. Sometimes these accidents cause no injuries. But do not underestimate the effects of a slip and fall accident. They can be very detrimental to your health with permanent life injuries. A slip and fall accident can cause broken bones, shoulder dislocation, spinal cord paralysis, traumatic head and brain injuries.

The common causes of slip and fall accidents are:

  1. Slippery surfaces

This is the most common reason people slip and fall. Slippery surfaces in stores, hotels, nursing homes and restaurants are the main cause of these accidents. Slippery surfaces are a safety hazard. For that reason, there must be  a sign warning people of wet, recently cleaned or polished floors.  

  1. Obstruction

This takes place when someone trips over an obstruction in his/her walkway. This usually occurs due to poorly maintained stairs, exposed plugs and cables, boxes in store aisles, etc.

  1. Poor lighting

The inability to clearly see the path ahead or walkway increases the probability of a slip and fall accident. Inadequate lighting outside of stores, parking lots and construction sites is very common.

Reduce the risk of Slip and Fall Injuries.

Slip and fall accidents are more common for older people. However, young people are also prone to slip and fall. Slips and falls occur as a result of unintended or unexpected change in contact between your foot and the ground. Here are tips you can follow to prevent a slip and fall accident:

  • Pay attention to where you are walking
  • Keep an eye on the floors (uneven, wet, slippery, etc.)
  • Watch out for uncovered cables that cross walkways
  • Look for insecure mats, rugs, and carpets that do not lay flat
  • Clean or notify someone to clean any/all spells immediately
  • Mark or notify someone to mark spells and wet areas
  • Remove obstacles from walkways
  • Wear appropriate shoes

Learn how you can obtain compensation for your slip and fall accident.

If you or someone you know sustained injuries as a result of a slip and fall, you have legal rights. In addition, the law provides that injured individuals can obtain compensation for their damages. A slip and fall claim is a type of a liability claim. Therefore, you must prove your injuries are a result of another party’s negligence.

It takes an experienced attorney to successfully navigate a slip and fall claim. These cases can be very complex and tricky. That is why it is important you understand your legal rights and responsibilities. To learn about your rights, call Napolin Law Rancho Cucamonga California Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation today.