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Surviving Car Accident Injury Stress

Surviving Car Accident Injury Stress Riverside County

The Stress of a Car Accident Injury Can Be Overwhelming

Car Accident Injury Stress Riverside

Car Accident Injury Stress Riverside

The stress you are experiencing from your car accident injury is nearly as bad as a divorce or a move out of state. You are pretty sure you need to get an attorney, but you’ve never hired an attorney before. How much is this going to cost? Do you need a car accident lawyer? You drag yourself to your desktop computer and start to search the internet for answers. You search car accident injury with a broken arm and totaled my car. A long list of car accident injury attorneys comes up. Each lawyer claims to be the best in California, or Southern California, or the best accident attorney in Riverside, California.

Near the top of the list you see Alexander Napolin, car accident injury lawyer in Riverside, California. He is offering a free consultation. His biography shows that he has been helping accident injury victims for the past 7 years. But what can a personal injury car accident lawyer do for you?

Do I need an attorney for my car accident injury?

A week has passed since your car accident injury. The initial acute trauma of injury has passed.  Your broken arm was treated at the hospital emergency room. Now, you are supposed to follow-up with your own doctor. You’ve called to schedule an appointment but the first available date is three weeks from now. Besides that, your car was towed to a local storage yard.  Most importantly, your car was clearly totaled when the SUV rear-ended you and drove you into the center barrier of the freeway and you don't have a car to drive to work.

But, you feel lucky to be alive. Your sister-in-law, who is on disability from a work injury is giving you all kinds of legal advice, but you are pretty sure most of it is wrong. You’ve missed a week of work and the pain medications that the emergency room doctor prescribed are about to run out.

The Best Car Accident Injury Attorney

Alexander D. Napolin Esq. Car Accident Injury Attorney

Alexander D. Napolin Esq. Car Accident Injury Attorney

First, the best personal injury lawyer will relieve some of the stress that comes with a car accident injury by taking over all communication and negotiation with the insurance company. Besides that, insurance companies make their money by keeping their premium money earning investment returns for as long as possible. Most importantly, if the insurance company is dealing with you directly they may try to take advantage of you and settle your claim for pennies on the dollar.

Second, the best car accident injury lawyer will guide you through the recovery process. In addition, they will make sure that you get all of the medical treatment you need to bring you back to your pre-injury status. Besides that, they will refer you to a network of caring medical providers who will provide you with treatment.

Third, the best personal injury attorney will get you the maximum recovery possible, but in most cases, they will avoid the time-consuming process of going to court to get a jury verdict awarding you damages for medical expenses, time lost from work, and pain and suffering.

You’ve read the reviews by clients of Alexander Napolin, personal injury Riverside, California and have decided to call his office at 1-844-984-4878 for your free consultation.