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Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

Local Santa Ana Car Injury Attorney

Hire a Local Santa Ana Auto Injury Attorney

Hire a Local Santa Ana Auto Injury Attorney

Santa Ana Car Accident Lawyer – Legal help from a professional may prove to be invaluable for the successful pursuit of a car accident injury claim and lawsuit. Santa Ana California residents have the option to contact Napolin and speak with an attorney one on one, for free. We have a reputation for spending time and resources helping roadway crash victims understand their potential pathways during an initial free lawsuit evaluation. We do it because we care about our neighbors and believe that everyone should have access to a professional to assess their options.

When You Call Our Santa Ana Law Office

One of our attorneys comes to the phone to speak with you. If none are available at that time, then a competent assistant takes your information and passes it to the attorney to get back to you immediately. Within 24 hours (usually within 30 minutes), you will receive a return call for your one on one discussion. Here are some things that generally happen during the first talk.

Santa Ana Legal Help No Fee Promise

Santa Ana Legal Help No Fee Promise

After the basic facts are relayed, your injuries and personal situation are discussed, the lawyer usually can share their:

  1. Preliminary determination on proportionate liability between you and the other party;
  2. Assessment of respective carrier policy existence and limits issues;
  3. Guidance on what to do for medical care and treatment options;
  4. Determination as to whether Napolin can take your case on a nothing up front.

Best Injury Lawyer Contingency Fee Arrangement for Accident Injuries

Contingency fee billing means that the firm does not charge unless money is recovered for personal damages. When money is recovered, the attorney takes a percentage of the recovery depending on the stage of litigation. In general a higher fee is requested once the case gets closer to trial.

Under a true contingency arrangement, costs are also forgiven where nothing is won or where there is not enough to cover all costs. This means that the client never owes the firm anything, no matter what. Once we decide to take on your claim under this arrangement, all arrangements are explained in great detail, with examples. It then becomes your decision to retain our professional services or not to hire us at all. Either way, we don’t charge you!

Get Free Legal Advice Over the Phone for Your Motor Vehicle Accident

The rule of thumb is to never go it alone without the proper help to figure out your right to possible financial recovery via the claims and/or courtroom process.

  1. Medical treatment needs to be obtained from qualified doctors who know what to do and how to document bodily harm.
  2. Investigation, including witness statements, should be recorded immediately.
  3. Insurance companies and the DMV must be contacted timely.

All victims must be protected from conniving insurance adjusters whose only job is to cut the claim down to minimal compensation. The sooner counsel is sought and procured the better even if liability is clearly against the driver who caused the crash. This is because the injuries are always downplayed by the insurance carrier. When you are hurt, they do everything in their knowledge and power not to pay up, because that is their business.

Legal Advice on Injury Claim Cases in Santa Ana

Hire a Santa Ana Car Accident Lawyer

Santa Ana Car Accident Lawyer

Santa Ana Car Accident Lawyer

Do not be discouraged by offices who require payment up front for a consultation. Call Napolin for car accident legal guidance on car collision to talk over the phone and to meet in person if necessary. Remember, we do not request any payment for the initial discussion with one of our local personal injury lawyers.