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Pedestrian Involving Vehicle Accidents in Claremont California [2022]

Pedestrian involving vehicle accidents are unfortunately all too common here in Claremont California. A recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that pedestrians make up nearly 15 percent of all traffic fatalities, even though they account for only about 5 percent of all trips taken.

In this article, we'll explore some of the reasons why these accidents happen and what you can do to stay safe if you're ever in this situation.

Factors That Contribute to Pedestrian Involving Vehicle Accidents

Claremont Lawyers Can Help You With Serious Bodily Injuries

Claremont Lawyers Can Help You With Serious Bodily Injuries

There are a number of factors that contribute to pedestrian involving vehicle accidents. One of the most common is distracted driving. With the advent of smartphones, more and more drivers are taking their eyes off the road to text, email, or browse the internet. This can lead to them not seeing pedestrians in crosswalks or on sidewalks until it's too late. Another factor is drunk driving. Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs are much more likely to be involved in an accident, and pedestrians are especially vulnerable to these types of collisions. Finally, elderly drivers are also a risk to pedestrians. As we age, our vision, hearing, and reflexes all start to decline, which can make it difficult to see or react to pedestrians in time.

Ways Pedestrians Can Avoid Being Hit By Cars

 Factors That Contribute to Pedestrian Involving Vehicle Accidents

Factors That Contribute to Pedestrian Involving Vehicle Accidents

There are some things you can do to stay safe as a pedestrian. First, always be aware of your surroundings and try to avoid distracted drivers. If you see a driver who appears to be distracted, cross the street or walk in a different direction. Second, don't assume that drivers will see you. Even if you're in a crosswalk, make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street. And finally, be visible at night. Wear bright clothing or reflective gear so that drivers can see you even in low-light conditions.

By following these tips, you can help reduce your risk of being involved in a pedestrian involving vehicle accident. But even if you're being careful, accidents can still happen. If you or a loved one has been injured in this type of accident, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss your legal options.

How Vehicles Are Dangerous to Those on Foot

 Pedestrian Involving Vehicle Accidents in Claremont California

Pedestrian Involving Vehicle Accidents in Claremont California

A single vehicle can cause immense damage and Pedestrian Involving Vehicle Accidents often result in fatalities. The pedestrian is almost always the one who suffers the most severe injuries as they have no protection from the force of an oncoming car other than their natural ability to dodge or jump out of the way.

Any person traversing the sidewalks, crosswalks and streets in Southern California is at risk. Inattentive, drunk or elderly drivers, unable to properly pay attention to their surroundings, plow through fences, onto sidewalks or through red lights. When they do, there is a high risk of their vehicle coming into contact with foot traffic through no fault of the pedestrian. While pedestrians can attempt to dodge these runaway cars, trucks and vans, most collisions are unavoidable. Cars traveling at high speeds can traverse obstacles or approach the victim from behind, making the collision complete.

Vehicular Accidents Often Involve Negligence

Many times, these accidents are caused by the negligence of the driver. Pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks and drivers who do not yield can be held liable for any injuries that result. Even if a pedestrian is not in a crosswalk, drivers owe them a duty of care to avoid hitting them. If a driver is not paying attention, speeding, or breaking the law in some other way, they may be held liable for any injuries that occur.

In order to prove negligence, your attorney will need to show that the driver owed you a duty of care, they breached that duty, and their breach resulted in your injuries. If you've been hit by a car, it's important to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Don't Let the Insurance Company Take Advantage of You

After an accident, the last thing you want to deal with is insurance companies. But they will likely contact you soon after the accident and try to get you to settle your claim quickly and for less money than you're entitled to. Don't fall for their tricks. Instead, contact a personal injury lawyer who can help you deal with the insurance companies and get the compensation you deserve.

Pedestrian Involving Vehicle Accidents in Claremont California

Timely Accident Investigation Is Imperative

When a car strikes a person on foot, it is critical to carry out an investigation. Law firms should assist detectives by providing private investigators with information about how the accident occurred and who is to be held liable for the damage. In other situations, the driver rams and flees. As a result, it is critical to launch an investigation as soon as possible in order to identify the culprit who may face both criminal negligence and hit-and-run charges. We start by gathering all of the information we need to conduct a successful investigation after a pedestrian accident. We immediately begin the following tasks:

  • Place a private investigator on the case
  • Obtain police reports
  • Speak with police detectives
  • Reconstruct the accident
  • Collect emergency medical records
  • Interview witnesses to obtain witness statements

Claremont Lawyers Can Help You With Serious Bodily Injuries

Pedestrian involving vehicle accidents commonly result in serious bodily injuries or death to the pedestrian. A compassionate and knowledgeable attorney should help their client apply for EDD SDI (State Disability) benefits to replace lost wages in the short term, refer them to the social security administration for SSDI (Federal Social Security Disability) application, deal with hospital bills and liens, and refer families to counseling and to obtain pre-settlement financing if necessary to cover costs.

Do not face a negligently caused catastrophic injury or wrongful death of a family member alone!  If you or a family member has been involved in such an accident, it is important that you contact an experienced Claremont personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your legal rights and options.