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Pedestrian Involving Vehicle Accidents

Catastrophic Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians

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Pedestrian Involving Vehicle Accidents

pedestrian involving vehicle accident

pedestrian involving vehicle accident

Catastrophic Severity - Any person traversing the sidewalks, crosswalks and streets in Southern California is at risk. Inattentive, drunk or elderly drivers, unable to properly pay attention to their surroundings, plow through fences, onto sidewalks or through red lights. When they do, there is a high risk of their vehicle coming into contact with foot traffic through no fault of the pedestrian. While pedestrians can attempt to dodge these runaway cars, trucks and vans, most collisions are unavoidable. Cars traveling at high speeds can traverse obstacles or approach the victim from behind, making the collision completely unavoidable. When a vehicle of any kind strikes a person, the likely outcome is catastrophic bodily harm and/or fatality. The severity of the harm to the pedestrian usually correlates with the size, weight and velocity of the vehicle involved, with direct hits having the highest probability of fatal injuries.

If you or a family member is involved in a pedestrian involving vehicle accident, consulting a personal injury attorney for guidance is a must. The Napolin Law Firm is a group of attorneys with experience representing individuals involved in catastrophic injuries due to being hit by large vehicles like buses. Recently, The Napolin Law Firm obtained a judgment in an amount over 5 million dollars for a bus accident victim. If you are looking for help, our experienced trial lawyers are here to speak with you for free as part of a free case evaluation. Our law office can be reached by dialing 909-325-6032 and asking to speak with a lawyer about a wrongful death or catastrophic pedestrian accident.

Timely Accident Investigation is Imperative

It is imperative that an investigation be performed whenever a vehicle strikes a person on foot. Law firms should help detectives by utilizing private investigators to gather facts about how the accident occurred and who is to be held liable for the damages. In some instances, the driver hits and runs. It is therefore imperative to perform a timely investigation in order to identify the perpetrator who may face criminal negligence charges in addition to hit and run charges. When The Napolin Law Firm is brought on board to represent a pedestrian victim, we launch a full investigation to apprehend the at-fault party and reconstruct the accident. Some things that are immediately performed include:

  • Placing a private investigator on the case
  • Obtaining police reports
  • Speaking with police detectives
  • Reconstructing the accident
  • Collecting emergency medical records
  • Interviewing witnesses to obtain witness statements

When it comes to catastrophic injury and/or wrongful death lawsuits, no stone should be left unturned. When The Napolin Law Firm is retained, the client knows that powerful resources are being employed to investigate and gather facts in a timely manner necessary to prosecute a full lawsuit against the negligent driver.

Pedestrian Injuries When Involved in Vehicle Accidents

Truck hits pedestrian accidentIn the event a person on foot is hit by a vehicle, the injuries can be catastrophic in nature. Transportation via ambulance to a local trauma center is usually necessary to obtain emergency medical attention and surgery. Depending on the type of harm, life-long changes can result, causing a person and their families life to change forever. Life-long care may be necessary to provide for a family who has lost its livelihood and to pay for medical expenses and in-home nursing case. Some probably severe bodily harm includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Punctured Lung
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Broken Bones
  • Severe Burns
  • Amputation
  • Broken Ribs
  • Crushed Body Parts
  • Hematoma
  • Organ Damage
  • Fractured Eye Socket Reconstruction Surgery
  • Fatality (Wrongful Death)

While not a comprehensive list of significant health problems, the above signifies the common ones experienced when being struck by a vehicle while on foot. Most of which cause issues and need for medical treatment for the rest of one's life. Therefore, it is imperative that attorney representative be procured to protect the victim's rights.

Procuring Pedestrian Involving Vehicle Accident Representation

attorney representation

Attorney Counseling and Representation

It is imperative to seek advice from a lawyer as soon as possible when a family member is facing catastrophic injury or wrongful death. Early attorney representation takes some of the stress off of the family so that a focus can be put on the injury victim's health. Furthermore, attorneys act as counselors who can offer invaluable advice. A compassionate and knowledgeable attorney should help their client apply for EDD SDI benefits to replace lost wages in the short term, refer them to the social security administration for SSDI application, deal with hospital bills and liens, and refer families to counseling and to obtain pre-settlement financing if necessary to cover costs. Do not face catastrophic injury or wrongful death of a family member alone! The Napolin Law Firm helps as advocates and counselors in times of extreme injury scenarios. Reach out today by contacting the law office to speak with a personal injury lawyer.


Pedestrian Accident -

A pedestrian accident happens when a motor vehicle of any sort comes into contact with a person. Contrary to common belief, these kinds of accidents are extremely common and can affect anyone who crosses the street. When they happen, it is usually at an intersection and it is usually the driver's fault. And the injuries that arise can be devistatingly catastrophic.It is therefore extremely important to understand the risks associated with being struck and learn good avoidance techniques. Otherwise, to walk the streets in a careless manner could end up making the biggest mistake of your life. Do not be caught without understanding the risks and avoidance techniques that may ultimately save your life. Continue reading!

Risks Associated With Foot Travel

Traveling on foot is the oldest form of transportation. Even in today's world of trains, planes and automobiles, walking remains the most utilized form of transport on earth. Those who do utilize cars still need to walk the sidewalks and cross streets to reach their final destinations. Naturally, encountering the world on foot comes with certain risks. A nationwide 2006 statistical study found that more than sixty thousand pedestrians were victims of being struck in traffic by cars. Because you will inevitably find yourself facing traffic on foot, it is important to understand the risks associated with doing so.

Severity of Pedestrian Versus Vehicle Collisions

Cars have the potential to cause major damage and even death. When a heavy vehicle hits someone, the bodily harm is usually severe and often catastrophic. This is because automobiles weigh a ton and travel at high velocities when compared with natural human transport. In addition, the walker has no protective barriers around them to shield their body from the blow. When the two meet, things probably won't go so well.

Upon impact at 30 MPN, the likely result is broken bones, traumatic brain injury and/or internal bleeding. Such horrific injuries require the need for ambulance, hospitalization and potentially lifetime medical care and financial aid. In some instances, internal trauma can lead to slow or sudden death. Even when the vehicle is moving at a lower rate of velocity such as 10 MPH, significant bodily harm can be inflicted. Although less likely in slower impact scenarios, internal bleeding and broken bones are still prevalent among victims.

Common Locations Where Cars Hit People

Intersections. The most common location for these types of collisions to occur is at intersections. Intersections may be overall one of the most dangerous places one can traverse, whether by car or by walking. Many serious car accidents occur at intersections in t-bone collisions where one driver runs a red light. When someone runs through a red, those crossing the intersection are liable to be hit. Even less uncommon is an accident where a driver swings a right hand turn on a green and strikes a person stepping in to the roadway to cross. In these scenarios, the driver failed to yield the right of way.

Sidewalks. Almost as dangerous as the intersection is the sidewalk. While many believe it is perfectly safe to travel along sidewalks, it most certainly is not. Cars can lose control and come up on to sidewalks at high rates of speed and with huge force. People can therefore unexpectedly get hit while walking along busy avenues and boulevards. A significant number of people pass away each year by being struck by automobiles while on sidewalks.

Avoidance Techniques for Pedestrian Accidents

Many times these incidents of are so unavoidable that even the best safety precautions do not work. In most circumstances, however, implementing certain techniques can safeguard your health and life from being struck by a motorist. With the risks associated with foot travel in mind, consider the following tips to avoid being hit in traffic.

  • Survey Your Pathway Ahead. Survey your surroundings before entering any intersection. This means doing more than looking both ways before stepping into the street. Be sure to stop, listen, look around and identify all possible threats. Keep an eye out of speeders coming from afar, or people who could suddenly change their minds and change direction into your pathway. Only proceed to cross the street once you decide that the intersection will be clear. If it is not, always wait until you determine that it is safe.
  • Avoid Heavy Traffic Roadways. Stay away from walking on wide roadways that support heavy traffic. The more automobiles traveling on a road, the more possibilities for an accident. Plus, larger roads mean further distances, which lower visibility and awareness of drivers. If you must encounters such a road, be sure to be extra aware of the high speed danger that surrounds you.

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