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Get Money for Lost Wages Following an Auto Accident

How a Lawyer Can Help Recover Lost Income

Missing income due to injuries from an auto accident

Missing income due to injuries from an auto accident

Lost Wages Following an Auto Accident – California law allows for the recovery of lost wages caused by auto accidents. But wage claims are a complex endeavor. Napolin Law Firm has experience litigating income damages claims. Call us today at 909-325-6032 if you are losing income due to an automobile, truck, motorcycle, car or bus accident. We may be able to aid in the recovery of missing work due to a crash.

Missing income due to injuries from an auto accident is not an easy claim to successfully assert. The insurance company will put up road blocks to deny even the most legitimate wage claims. Despite a seemingly clear case of lost wages, legal barriers will always exist to recovery. This is where we come in. We know what evidence to collect, how to collect it and the way to make the adjuster pay. Whether the missing time from work as the result of to psychiatric or physical trauma, Mr. Napolin and his team have the strength to obtain proper compensation.

Where you are hurt in an automobile crash, you need a personal injury lawyer who knows how to prosecute a claim correctly. This is what we can do for you:

  1. Help you find a doctor to treat you for your physical and emotional injuries;
  2. Guide steps to take to get temporary disability benefits to supplement lack of money while you recover;
  3. Demand it from the carrier; and
  4. Follow through with a lawsuit in the event a fair settlement is not offered by the adjuster.

Not all cases present circumstances that give rise to a viable missed earnings claim. But do not let the insurance adjuster tell you whether you have a case or not. Contact a personal injury attorney immediately to find out how a lawyer can help recover wages.

Theories Used to Deny Legitimate Lost Wage Cases

Lost Wages Following an Auto Accident

Lost Wages Following an Auto Accident

The insurance carrier will use a number of different techniques to block someone from a legal award for missing work. The most popular tactic is to simply tell the accident victim that there is no such thing as getting paid for hours, days or even months missed. This is a straight out lie that sadly is often quite effective at discouraging the pursuit of the lawsuit. Another technique involves telling the victim that they should have gone to the job despite being hurt. Unless the claimant has obtained medical evidence of injury, a medical slip and proof of missed work, it is difficult to prove at court. Therefore, the most simply way an adjuster denies a claim is by not telling the victim the evidentiary methods to substantiate it.

Best Lost Wages Following an Auto Accident Attorneys –

Any victim of an automobile crash should contact a knowledgeable personal injury attorney for information related to the topic of lost wages after an accident. Call Napolin Law Firm at 909-325-6032 with questions with Lost Wages Following an Auto Accident, and a lawyer will be speaking with you as part of a free legal consultation.

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