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Horrible Vehicle Collision Resulting in Auto Accident Amputation

Have You Been Involved in a Car Accident Injury Resulting in Amputation?

Auto Accident Amputation

Auto Accident Amputation

Auto Accident Amputation - The amputation of a limb is an extremely serious type of bodily harm. Statistics show that a majority of amputations are caused by auto accidents. Of those cases, a significant number are the result of car crashes in California. Due to the State's congested roadways, catastrophic traffic accidents are more common than in any other state in the country.

A severe motor vehicle accident may involve only cars, or it could include large trucks, buses, or vans. Where larger weight vehicles are involved, or where high speeds are present, greater impacts can cause bad injuries.  Advanced medical science obtained under an emergency can often protect the injury victim from death. However, serious injury can result in the need to amputate a person's limb. Snapped, crushed or severed bones are oftentimes not able to heal at all, and thus require removal of that body part. Severe burns and cuts can result in bad bacterial infection that can mean removing a body part as a medical necessity.

Violent Collision Resulting in Serious Auto Accident Amputation

Where a finger, hand, arm, whole leg or partial leg is amputated, this is not something to be taken lightly. Unlike less severe types of health conditions, an amputation is expensive both financially and physically, not just in the present, but in the future as well. Significant amounts of pain and suffering, loss of consortium (sex life with a spouse) and emotional distress are almost always present. Some damages that usually arise include:

  1. Losing the ability to move about freely without struggle
  2. Not being able to perform job duties and household chores necessary to maintain a household
  3. Inability to recreate with family, friends and children
  4. Loss of satisfaction due to loss of attraction with a spouse or partner.

Violent Collision Resulting in Serious Auto Accident Amputation -

Violent Collision Resulting in Serious Auto Accident Amputation -

In addition, ongoing and costly medical treatment is necessary to relieve ongoing pain and ambulatory issues. Some costly and necessary services include:

  1. Medication to deal with nerve problems
  2. Prosthetic limbs to help with mobility
  3. Follow up visits with doctors to discuss surgical options
  4. Treatment with licensed psychologists and psychiatrists to treat anxiety and depression
  5. Costs of learning to learn mobility techniques such as driving without a limb

Victims involved in major motor vehicle collisions should never go it alone without an amputation accident lawyer. Attorney representation is an absolute must where leg or arm is medically removed or where it is imminent. If you have a family member in the hospital who has had or faces the need to remove a body part, contact our firm for immediate representation. We will come to you to provide support and help.

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