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How Often Will an Auto Accident Case Go to Trial

What are the odds of your car accident case actually going to trial?

Will an Auto Accident Case Go to Trial

Will an Auto Accident Case Go to Trial

Will an Auto Accident Case Go to Trial – This is a common question for those who have hired or are looking to hire a lawyer for a crash. The reality is that most cases never see the inside of a courtroom. This is because litigating to a courtroom and award is a very time consuming and expensive endeavor for all involved, including for the court system. Parties are therefore encouraged to settle disputes. By avoiding court and settling disputes, a significant amount of resources are saved.

Show the Insurance Company the Case Value

But what are the chances of a particular auto collision case going through to a trial instead of settling out of court? Many factors will affect the chances, but their is one in particular that has a significant effect. The main factor is whether the attorney has taken certain imperative steps to convince the insurance company that a claim holds a particular value. This is done by implementing a specific set of strategies and tactics in the pre-litigation phase. Pre-litigation is the time period after a claim is filed with the insurance carrier but before a formal lawsuit has been filed against the negligent driver who caused the accident.

Steps to Settle the Lawsuit and Avoid Trial

Every single situation is unique and thus no specific criteria can be systematically applied to obtain a good settlement amount. But here are some specific things that the best personal injury lawyers will put together to prove the worth to the adjuster prior to the filing of a lawsuit.

  1. Pictures of the property damage of all automobiles involved in the crash
  2. A copy of the traffic collision report from the police department
  3. All medical records and billing statements
  4. best car accident attorneys

    best car accident attorneys

    Investigation on the insured of the driver who caused the collision

  5. Knowledge of the liability policy limit of the defendant
  6. Description of the crash and of the injuries sustained
  7. Reasonable settlement figure based upon similar types of awards
  8. Complete documentation of lost wages

When put together in a professional manner and wrapped up with a professional letter sent certified mail, the odds of settlement at the appropriate amount is high. On occasion, a difference of opinion may arise as to the worth, and that is when full litigation is necessary to pursue. This either happens because the plaintiff is demanding too much or the defendant is offering too little. Maybe one side is valuing the situation lower than reality, or one has lofty demands not based on precedent.

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The best car accident attorneys at Napolin Law Firm have the experience of literally thousands of jury trials. We use our understanding of the law to create effective techniques for obtaining exceptionally high settlements without going to jury. If you have fallen victim to another driver’s negligence, contact our personal injury law firm at 909-325-6032 to see if we can put our reputation and efforts behind your motor vehicle injury. Do not delay because time frames for filing lawsuits do exist and if not met could result in getting nothing on a cause of action.

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