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Hydroplaning Accidents

Facts and Information About Hydroplaning Accidents

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Hydroplaning Accidents

Hydroplaning Accidents

Hydroplaning Accidents

Hydroplaning Accidents - Hydroplaning incidents often occur when roads are slick due to an existing layer of water on the roadway. This usually happens during periods of rain, but it can also be the result of excess water on the road from a broken water vein or sprinkler. The water line, sprinkler or other broken water valve producing the excess water may be owned or maintained by either a private company or public entity. In any case, the entity may be liable for creating the excess water hazard on the roadway or freeway if it leads to a car, bus, truck or motorcycle crash. Contacting a personal injury attorney immediately is never a bad consideration.

When a vehicles tires of motor vehicles move over the slick roads surface and consequently lose traction, resulting in loss of control. The loss of control subsequently leads to a traffic collision involving a single or multiple car accident. When these accidents transpire, the municipality or private company in control of creating and maintaining the irrigation or water delivery system could be liable for causing the personal injury consequences of the accident.

Causes of Hydroplaning Accidents

There are many different ways hydroplaning accidents can arise. Some of these causes are due to nature and outside the control of man-made precautions. Other incidents result from negligent road maintenance, sprinkler maintenance, broken water mains, or broken irrigation systems. When systems that deliver water are negligently maintained, they can leave excess water on the road that can lead even a prudent driver to lose control of their automobile and crash.

  • Weather conditions: hydroplaning accidents can occur due to heavy rain and storms, snow and fog. In these cases, it is no one’s fault but Mother Nature.
  • Mechanical failures: the most common mechanical cause of hydroplaning is tires. What keeps motor vehicles to the ground is the tire tread. Therefore, a poor tire tread can lead to failure of keeping cars grounded, easily leading them to hydroplane. Another way tires contribute to hydroplaning is poor tire pressure. If tires’ pressure is not at a certain level, the chances of hydroplaning are increased.
  • Road maintenance: there are many ways bad road designs and poor maintenance lead to accidents including hydroplaning. The way in which a road is designed plays a significant role in accidents; therefore, designing roads with few drains for example increases the likelihood of hydroplaning accidents in cases of severe weather conditions. Additionally, there may be issues with the drains themselves. They could be blocked or simply badly designed increasing puddles and hydroplaning chances. Ruts and ridges can develop on roads from melted snow and other water sources as well as overflowing drains. When these are not fixed, water can pool onto the ruts making it dangerous to drive.
  • Driver’s negligence: Negligence in this case refers to driver’s excessive speed, or failure to avoid or prevent an accident through slowing down and carefully attaining to the road and traffic circumstances.

Kinds of Hydroplaning CausesIn all circumstances, a thorough investigation should take place as to what caused the car to hydroplane. This is not only important to prove liability in a personal injury case but to also correct the issue to stop future harm to person and property. It is important that society takes action to stop water hazards on the roadways. Water conservation is also an issue here in Southern California that should encourage us to guard against large water leaks that waste water.

Preventing Vehicles From Hydroplaning

As much as we can prepare ourselves to prevent problems and avoid accidents, they often occur regardless. That said, here are some ways in which you can prevent a hydroplaning accident. While not an exhaustive list, each driver should keep the following in mind to avoid falling victim to car accidents resulting in water hazards.

  • Be attentive to traffic, road, and weather conditions.
  • Always slow down when there is rain, snow or some other condition.
  • Drive carefully and make sure to slow down on turns.
  • When you need to make a complete stop, make sure to slow down a head of time to avoid the probability of skidding.
  • Always check and maintain your tire pressure and make sure they are replaced when worn.
  • If you find yourself hydroplaning, decrease your speed by taking your foot of the gas paddle slowly and carefully drive away from other vehicles until you slowly make a full stop.
  • If you see a car hydroplaning, carefully drive away from it to avoid collision.

Even a prudent driver can sometimes not avoid hydroplaning, especially when water exists where it shouldn't be. Crashes cause bodily injury, broken bones, traumatic brain injury, whiplash, and other serious back injuries. Legal recourse may be available to hold those who control the water system liable for their failure to maintain an irrigation system or other water delivery system.

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Flooded Road Hydroplane Accidents

Flooded Road Hydroplane Accidents

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