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Intersection Accident + Crossing Collisions

California Accidents At Roadway Intersections

Intersection Accident - Crossing Collisions

Intersection Accident

Intersection Accident

Intersection Accidents - Of the most dangerous and common types of crashes is the intersection accident.  Intersections are extremely dangerous because they create the opportunity for high speed, high velocity impacts when two cars collide without notification while crossing or turning. When a car is broadsided, it is known as tbone collision. These are serious and life-threatening crashes that take place out of nowhere when someone decides to take a light or stop sign illegally. Sometimes the driver who runs the red light is under the influence of alcohol. Most of the time the driver is simply not paying attention or is tired. Some intersections are inherently flawed by design. In all events, a collision an extremely dangerous occurrence and generally leads to ambulance transport and hospitalization.

Intersection Crossing Collisions - Should you or a family member become a victim of a serious tbone or crossing crash, be sure to seek legal representation as soon as possible. There may be witnesses required to prove who had the right of way. If too much time passes those witnesses may forget what they saw or be lost track off. A personal accident lawyer should have the resources to track them down and get their recorded statement. At The Napolin Law Firm, that is exactly what we do when retained by a client.

Crossing and Turning Intersection Accident Liability Issues

The liability or blame for a crossing collision may fall upon one of the drivers, or on the city for hazardous roadway condition if one exists, or both. The more likely event is that one driver just ran the red light or stop sign. However, every once in a while there arises consistent reports of collisions at a particular intersection that can give rise to  claim against a city or government entity for a hazardous intersection.

Necessity of Witnesses - Liability issues can arise when two drivers both claim they had the right of way. Usually this happens when a one runs a red light and refuses to admit that they did it or just does not remember what happened at all. Since most intersections in Southern California do not have cameras (those plate readers are not filming!), eye witnesses may become the only way to clarify exactly who is at fault. Without an objective bystander observing the accident or a nearby store camera pointed at the intersection, it can be come impossible to determine liability other than simple credibility.

Hazardous Crossing Conditions - Sometimes a third element known as a hazardous roadway condition may present itself despite the fact that one party seems clearly at fault. When reports of similar collisions at the exact same place crop up over a period of time, it may be a flawed crossing. Flawed crossings lack visibility or have traffic control signals that confuse reasonably prudent drivers so that they fail to identify who has the right of way. Intersections should be examined shortly after the accident if they are believed to be flawed in any way. It may be possible to obtain compensation from the government if the reason for the crash is a poorly designed intersection.

Injury Attorney For Roadway Intersection Accident

Crossing And Intersection Auto Accident Lawyer

Crossing And Intersection Auto Accident Lawyer

Have you experienced an intersection accident and believe the other party to be at fault? Speak to an experienced lawyer for free about your circumstances now! The Napolin Law Firm knows how to fight tbone and crossing collision insurance claims and trial lawsuits. Investigation is made into the intersection and into possible witnesses and cameras at once to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the case. If strong liability issues present to the case, it is important to know early on before its too late to collect evidence to prove who is at fault. Inspection may also lead to discovery of a flawed crossing that should be corrected so future collisions may be avoided.

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