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Personal Injury Accidents

California Legal Concept of Personal Injury Accident

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California Personal Injury Accident Legal Concept

California law provides for the recovery of damages when someone causes a personal injury accident. A personal injury accident occurs when harm is caused to a person because of the negligent acts of another. The resulting harm can be physical or emotional in nature, or both. This legal concept of personal injury dates back to English tort law where judges developed and applied rules to govern the conduct of individuals in society. Today, California judges and juries apply common law principles of negligence combined with laws created by the government. In litigation, the courts can and do hold people liable for the damages that they cause to others through a careless act or failure to act (a.k.a omission).

A personal injury accident giving rise to a legal right to sue can come about in an almost infinite number of ways. Most commonly however, injury occurs when someone carelessly drives their automobile on the roadway so as to create a collision with another car, truck, motorcycle or pedestrian. Motor vehicle accidents make up the most common type of personal injury accidents.

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