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Slip and Fall Accidents Statistics Pertaining to Workplace Accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents Statistics Pertaining to Workplace Accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents Statistics Pertaining to Workplace Accidents

Slip and falls are accidents that take place at home, at work, in restaurants, grocery stores and many other public areas. Sometimes these are caused by bad shoes. But most times, these accidents are caused by another’s negligence. These accidents make up the most common causes of personal injury claims. This article aims to provide with slip and fall accidents statistics in California.

Slip and Fall Statistics from workplace accidents 

In one year only, 34,673 people died in a slip and fall accident at home or at work. In fact, a large number of work-related injuries lead to death when they involve a fall. According to the National Safety Council, 697 workers died in 2016. In addition to those, 48,060 were seriously injured. You may be thinking that for someone to die or be seriously injured, he/she must have fallen from a very high level. However, that is not true. 134 workers who fell and died were injured from a fall on the same level. Construction workers are the most likely to have such accidents. They are 7 times more at risk of fatal accidents from falls. 

So here are some statistics, categorized by industry:

  • Construction workers: 24700 injuries and 384 deaths
  • Manufacturing workers: 22040 injuries and 49 deaths
  • Wholesale trade workers: 10250 injuries and 21 deaths
  • Retail workers: 29830 injuries and 29 deaths
  • Transportation and warehouse workers: 23490 injuries and 111 deaths
  • Education and health services workers: 43660 injuries and 18 deaths
  • Government workers: 63350 injuries and 44 deaths

The financial costs to slip and falls

Many people do not realize how costly it is to actually slip and fall. From medical expenses to time off from work due to injury, the burden is very high. That is why it is important to work with an experienced personal injury attorney. There is an average of 1 million people each year who go to the emergency room due to a slip and fall accident. What that means is that our slip and fall accidents statistics portray more than 2000 individuals admitted to hospitals each day. The average cost of a slip and fall accident ranges between $30000 and $40,000. But that increases more the opposite. Therefore, hiring a slip and fall lawyer helps you recover these expenses by receiving financial compensation.

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