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Tips for safe driving on St. Patrick’s Day in California

Tips for safe driving on St. Patrick’s Day in California

Tips for safe driving on St. Patrick’s Day in California

We all get excited about St. Patrick's Day. The day we gather with family and friends and enjoy the festivities. 55% of Americans celebrate this day. However, St. Ptrick’s Day is known for alcohol. It is ranked 3rd among the most popular drinking holidays. This increases your risk of car or pedestrian accidents. For that reason, you should understand the dangers associated with St. Patrick’s Day and how you can assure safe driving.

Potentially disastrous St. Patrick’s Day Statistics

The statistics of how much alcohol is consumed and how many accidents occur will escape your mind. On average, individuals consume 4.2 number of drinks per person. 32% of males binge drink on this holidays. Bars and breweries sell 152.5% more beer. While this may seem like a normal tradition to the day’s festivities, it is dangerous. Those who celebrate and drive pose a significant threat to themselves and others on the road.  59 people were killed in one year on St. Patrick’s Day. Drunk driving cause 75% of fatal car accident on such day.

In 2010, car collisions took place every 50 minutes. This resulted in 32% of all fatalities. Research shows that the most dangerous time is in the evening after parties. 69% of car crashed due driving under the influence occur after midnight.

St. Patrick’s Day Most Common Accidents

On this day, your behavior and the behavior of others can cause serious and sometimes fatal accidents. It is almost always the case that alcohol causes accidents on St. Patrick's Day. Car accidents occur the most on this day. You can be hit while driving by a drunk driver. Or you can be a pedestrian and still be hit by a drunk driver. In either case, you are likely to sustain injuries.

Safe driving tips to avoid sustaining injuries

No one wants to cause or get injured on a day of fun festivities. For that reason, it is vital that you take the necessary measures to stay safe while having fun. To avoid getting in a car crash, you should follow the following tips for safe driving:

  • If you had anything to drink, do NOT get behind the wheel
  • Do NOT ride in a car with someone who had anything to drink
  • Appoint a designated driver before beginning the festive celebrations.
  • If not, get a cab, uber, or another arrangement
  • Do not let your friends drive after consuming alcohol.

Similarly, to avoid car-pedestrian accidents, these safe driving tips are important to follow:

  • Whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, you must be extra careful on this day. Be alert at all times.
  • Walk in groups, especially at night. After a day full of drinking, it can be dangerous to walk alone.
  • Make sure your friends do not walk away drunk. The majority of pedestrians hit by cars were found intoxicated.

Speak to an experienced injury and wrongful death lawyer

The unique team of Napolin Law will explain, guide you and help you recover any damages you incurred on St. Patrick's Day. That is, if you were a pedestrian who got hit by a car; or if you were involved in a car accident. If a loved one died as a result of a car accident, we have a wrongful death attorney who can assist you. Regardless of how your accident occurred, call us. We offer FREE consultations to everyone who calls asking for help.