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Burn Injuries Explained: Causes, Types and Statistics

Burn Injuries Explained: Causes, Types and Statistics

Burn Injuries Explained: Causes, Types and Statistics

No one likes to be burnt. They can be small and just inconvenient. Or very serious, painful and life threatening. Different things cause painful burns, sometimes lead to long and difficult recoveries. Burn injuries can occur on parts of your body or your entire body. These can be very severe. Sometimes burn injuries cause disfigurement to your body or face. If you suffered from burn injuries, you will need to heal your injuries first. Then seek additional treatment for any reconstitution to the affected body area. Some burn injuries are caused by mistake. Others are caused by negligence or battery. In that case, you are entitled for damages recovery. And above all, you have legal rights worth pursuing.

Understand the Causes of Burn Injuries 

Various factors cause burn injuries. Most accidents result in burn injuries of some sort. There are, however, common causes for burns. These include burns from hear, sun exposure, chemicals and electricity. Heat causes the majority of burn injuries. Serious burn injuries often take place as part of other accidents such as motor vehicle accidents, building fires, and accidents occurring at work. The first thing you should do if you sustained any type of burn injury is to seek medical attention immediately.

Types of Burn Injuries and how they can affect the skin

Types of Burn Injuries

Types of Burn Injuries

Depending on how you were burnt your injury will vary. In general, there are three types of burns: first, second and third degree burns.

  1. First degree burns

First degree burns are minor burns. They affect the outer layer of the skin and therefore are not very dangerous. They cause the affected area to be red and may include minor pains. If you sustained this type of burns, then you should not be too worried. Treat it the right way and the redness and pain will disappear.

      2. Second degree burns

These types of burns affect the second layer of your skin. If you sustain second degree burns, you are likely to experience blisters on your skin. These are called dermis. Second degree burns are often accompanied with a little more severe pain in the affected area.

        3. Third degree burns

Third degree burns are the most severe and dangerous. Burn accidents reach into the fat beneath the skin. This can damage your nerves and cause you to be numb. Undoubtedly, this type of burns is much more painful and requires medical attention.

Regardless of the type of burn you sustain, you should always seek medical attention. the doctor will be able to determine what type your burns are and treat you accordingly.

Burn Injuries Statistics in the United States

In the United States, there are currently 486,000 burn injuries receiving medical treatments. In total, there were 3275 deaths in America due to fire or smoke inhalation. This number includes 2745 deaths from residential fires and 310 from fires due to vehicle crashes. In fact, in almost every 3 hours, there is an incident of death due to fire. More than 60% of hospitalization in America are related to burn injuries. Burn centers now admits an annual rate of over 200 admissions for burn injuries. According to the ABA National Burn Repository, the survival rate of burn injuries is high at 96.8%. Males are more likely to survive at 68% while females have a 32% survival rate. 43% of burn centers admissions are caused by fires and flames, 34% are caused by scald, 9% due to contact, 4% electrical and 3% have chemical causes. The majority of burn injuries are caused at home with a rate of 73%. 8% of burn injuries are due to work-related injury. 5% is due to street or high ways accident. And 5% is caused on a recreational or sports facility.

How to treat your burn injuries

The rule of thumb is to always seek medical attention. A doctor is capable of determining the type of burn you have sustained and treat it accordingly. Severe burns require you to seek medical treatment immediately. Often times, when the injury is severe, pain is also severe. Therefore, doctors are likely to prescribe you with strong medications for your pain. Severe burns require constant monitoring to assure no side effects or dehydration take place. Based on the severity of your injury, doctors may give you IV antibiotics to fight infections. Once you have treated your burns medically. You may seek plastic surgery for any disfigurement that may have occurred.

If you or a loved one were burned in an accident, you are entitled for compensation for your medical bills, future medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering, among other damages.Contact our experienced legal team at Napolin APC to discuss the details of your injury case today.

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