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Butte County Fire Lawsuit

Can You Benefit From A Butte County Fire Lawsuit?

Have you or a family member been hurt in the Butte County Camp Wildfire? Contacting Butte County Fire lawyer for a free consultation can help you understand your legal options going forward. Napolin Law APC offers free initial legal consultation for those seeking a Butte County Fire Lawsuit.

Starting the search now for the right advocate for you is an important first step to recovering from the wildfire. When a dispute arises over the value of your personal injury, property damage, or lost income, having legal representation is an absolute must. The law limits your time to file a Butte County Fire Lawsuit and victims should not allow the time to lapse. With so much at stake and with so many claims being presented, hiring an attorney to file a Butte County Fire Lawsuit is imperative to achieve justice.

PG&E Pacific Gas & Electric May Be Responsible

Napolin Law APC, a nationally known personal injury law firm, is currently investigating the devastation caused by the 2018 wildfire that overtook Northern California. Camp Fire displaced tens of thousands of people, destroyed thousands of homes, and burned almost 200,000 acres. PG&E now faces Butte County Fire Lawsuit for negligence related to the operation of its equipment that may be responsible for starting Camp Fire.

On November 8, 2018, a deadly fire was alleged to have started by PG&E electric lines and equipment. The Camp Fire in Butte County is considered the deadliest fire in California state history to date. With over 80 people confirmed dead, 3 firefighters injured and more than 800 still missing, the amount of human suffering is immeasurable.

Butte County Fire Lawsuit

Those hurt by the fires may be entitled to recover monetary compensation for their injuries, which may include:

  • Personal injury, including burn injuries
  • Wrongful death, including burn deaths
  • Damage or lost home and/or adjacent structure
  • Damaged or lost personal property
  • Damage or lost business structure
  • Damaged or lost agricultural property and products
  • Damaged or lost business or agricultural income
  • Damaged or lost trees or surrounding vegetation/agriculture

Napolin Law APC takes on the biggest insurance carriers every single day. If you are a homeowner or a business owner who has lost property or suffered other damages in the fires, you may contact our law office today to discuss your claim and potential legal options. We provide all consultations at no cost. Should you elect to retain Napolin Law APC to represent your legal interests, we would do so on a contingent fee, meaning you would not pay any attorney’s fees, court costs, or litigation expenses out of pocket. Instead, our fees and costs would be recovered only as a portion of any favorable settlement or judgment that we obtain for you.

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