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Claremont California Attorney Help

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Claremont California Attorney Help

Claremont California Attorney Help

Napolin Law Firm is your local attorney resource for a variety of legal issues that you may face in everyday life. In addition to workers compensation, personal injury, elder abuse and employment law practice areas, we offer general legal advice and representation in a variety of other areas. Whether you have suffered an injury at work or out on the road, or are having issues with a criminal, family or financial a matter, we can offer valuable legal guidance and help. Call us today and we will get you the guidance and representation you need! 909-325-6032! Or simply fill out a case evaluation form at NapolinLaw.com and Alexander Napolin will personally give you a call with Claremont California attorney help to discuss how his firm and associates might be of assistance to you!

Claremont California Attorney Help For Workers Compensation

Here at our law office, we provide many clients with help navigating the complex workers compensation process. We implement ethical and innovative litigation tactics to increase compensation and put our clients in the best position possible following a work related accident injury.

Help For Personal Injury in Claremont California

We also help those who have suffered personal injury. When someone is injured outside the work setting, they have a right to seek compensation for the person who caused the injury. Should the person who caused the injury be found negligent, compensation can be had against them. Injuries can arise in numerous settings, the most common of which include slip and falls in public or at residences, auto accidents, dog bites, exposure to toxic materials and aviation accidents. When injuries do occur, they can be minor or catastrophic in nature. Here at our law office, we fight and we fight hard in litigation for just compensation for all types and degrees of personal injury.

Personal Injury Accidents; Animal Attacks; Aquatic Injuries; Automobile Accidents and Injuries; Automobile Negligence; Bicycle Accidents; Boating Accidents; Bodily Injury; Brain Injury; Bus Accidents; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Catastrophic Injury; Commercial Vehicle Liability; Cumulative Trauma; Dog Bites; Electrical Injury; Head Injury; Motor Vehicle Accidents and Injuries; Motorcycle Accidents; Pedestrian Injuries; Personal Injury Appeals; Personal Injury Arbitration; Personal Injury Mediation; Plaintiffs Personal Injury; Power Line Contact Injury; Psychological Injury; School Bus Accidents; Severe Burns; Slip and Fall; Spinal Injury; Subway Accidents; Third Party Wrongful Death; Traumatic Brain Injury; Unintended Acceleration; Whiplash; Wrongful Death; Workers Compensation Black Lung; Federal Workers Compensation; Industrial Insurance; Workers Compensation Appeals; Workers Compensation Arbitration; Workers Compensation Mediation; Workers Compensation Self Insurance

Help For Criminal Matters

Criminal defense involves defending those who have been arrested and face prosecution for a crime or crimes. The crime may be a misdemeanor or felony. Here at our office, we provide vigorous representation for people facing criminal prosecution in a variety of areas, including:

  • Drug Crimes
  • Foreclosure Laws, Mortgage or Modification Fraud
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • Terrorist Threats
  • Three Strikes
  • Violent Crimes – Murder and Assault
  • White Collar Crimes
  • DUI
Claremont California Attorney

Claremont California Attorney

Help For Family Law Matters in Claremont California

Divorce, child support and child custody are amongst the most stressful legal issues one can be faced with in their life. This is because the issues are extremely important to the client and the stakes can be incredibly hight. At at our office, we understand this fact and provide appropriate support. We also fight hard for fair and just results. If you are faced with one of these issues, our office can help you! Call us for immediate help!

Help For Wage & Hour Employment Matters

Most employers follow the law when it comes to paying appropriate minimum wage, overtime and providing for meal and rest periods during the work day. However, sometimes employers take advantage of workers in need by refusing to pay them appropriately under the law. Here at our office, we have experience in employment wage, hour and overtime law, including class action representation. Our Claremont California Attorney Law office has the experience and resources necessary to take many cases in this area. If you need help with an issue in this area, we can help you!

Help For Elder Abuse Matters

Elder abuse is a serious issue that is sometimes hard to identify. When it is identified, however, representation is needed to prosecute it in order to prevent further abuse and to achieve compensation for injury. Anyone fearing that they or a family member or friend who is an elder under abuse can call our office for confidential advice about an abuse situation. Should representation be warranted, our office will take a serious look at the case and suggest a course of action.