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Denied Workers Compensation Claim Lawyer Help


Denied Workers Compensation Claim Lawyer Help

We Represent On Denied And Difficult CasesWhen it comes to California workers compensation injury, nothing is worse for the employee than being stuck in the denied claim status abyss. When work injuries are reported through the employer to the insurance company, many tend to end up being denied altogether. This means that the insurance company is not going to pay on the claim, ever, unless they are forced to do so. If you have sustained a work injury or have a work related condition or illness, your claim could end up being denied. If you suspect the insurance adjuster will deny your claim (for example, if you are claiming injury from repetitive work activities – an injury known as a cumulative trauma – then your claim will likely be denied), you need an experienced workers comp law firm on your side as soon as possible. Why? Because an experienced work comp lawyer will be a strong advocate for you and can collect the medical evidence necessary to support your claimed work-related condition.

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In other instances, workers find themselves not anticipating that a claim will be denied, so they proceed without a lawyer through the claims process. At some point within the first three months following the injury, the employee will receive a letter that states their accident is either denied or admitted. A lot of the time, workers with legitimate work related conditions end up in denied claim status.

To remedy these situations, seek a local advocate that can put the insurance adjuster in line with the law! Here at Napolin Law Firm, we will review your denied claim free of charge! When you call us at 909-325-6032, Mr. Napolin will come to that phone or call you back ASAP to give you the trusted guidance that you need regarding your decision to pursue your workmans compensation claim! Visit NapolinLaw.com for more information on workers compensation benefits in California. There you can learn about all the benefits. But remember, no article guarantees results. You need to speak with a lawyer about your unique circumstances before you know where you stand!

Free Consultation For Denied Workers Compensation Claim Lawyer Help

Denied Workers Compensation Claim Lawyer Help

Denied Workers Compensation Claim Lawyer Help

Again, all consultations are free of charge. They also come with no obligation to hire our firm or file any sort of action against your employer or the insurance company. Instead, you will have your questions answered about the workers comp claims process and get insight directly from an experienced attorney about your unique injury scenario! This is absolutely vital before you can make educated decisions about what to do next! And, should you decide our firm is right for you and we agree to take on your case, you pay not one dime up front! You pay no costs, ever! You only pay us a fee if we recover money for you!

Since consultations are free and have no obligation, get the advice you need today before valuable rights are lost. Remember, acting quick is necessary because under the law there are time limits that must be met to preserve your rights and strengthen your denied claim! Get us on the phone today and we will take action immediately to protect your interests and advocate for your rights in a court of law!

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