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Legal Help Uber Accident Injuries

Legal Help for Uber Accident Injuries near Jurupa Valley California.

Imagine you were dozing off and on in the back seat of the late model car. Then suddenly, wham! You are startled awake by a crashing jolt. Disoriented, your mind tries to grasp the chaotic situation. Your heart is racing and you feel a sharp pain in your right wrist. “Sir, are you okay,” your Uber driver asks. An early morning trip to Ontario International Airport has been rudely interrupted by a car accident. The airbags deployed, but for a few abrasions your driver seems to be okay. You have no idea who is at fault. Later that day after an ambulance trip to a local hospital for emergency treatment, you are referred to an orthopedic surgeon for a consultation and possible surgery.

Legal Help for Uber Accident Broken Wrist Injury in Jurupa Valley California

Legal Help for Uber Accident Broken Wrist Injury in Jurupa Valley California

As a passenger in an Uber-connected accident, you may be faced with a lot of questions. Most immediate, what medical treatment do I need and who is going to pay for it? According to the Mayo Clinic, “If the broken ends of the bone aren’t aligned (displaced), there can be gaps between the pieces of bone or fragments might overlap. Your doctor will need to manipulate the pieces back into position, a procedure known as a reduction. Depending on the amount of pain and swelling you have, you might need a local or general anesthetic before this procedure.”

How much time will I miss from work while I am recovering? A routine business trip for a sales conference in Phoenix has been interrupted by uncertainty.

In the midst of this uncertainty, you need the steady guidance and expertise of an attorney familiar with the legal rights of a passenger injured in an Uber-connected car accident. You need legal help for Uber Accident Injuries near Ontario California.

Capable Lawyers will do the following legal help Uber accident injuries:

1) Investigate the car accident and determine who was at-fault:

2) Guide you through the medical treatment process;

3) And, collect the monetary damages you deserve.

Determine who was at fault and who should pay.

When a car accident arises, there is usually one driver at fault for it. When a driver is at fault, it means that their negligent driving caused the accident. The plaintiff must show fault in order to maintain a successful lawsuit against the negligent driver. In many instances it is not always clear who caused a crash. Even where the plaintiff believes that they have a clear recollection of the occurrences leading up to the collision that place the other party in the wrong, others might see things differently. Car accidents can involve other autos, trucks, or motorcycles.

A thorough investigation is always necessary to gather the facts of the case. Objective evidence and witness evidence should be collected as soon as possible because over time it tends to get lost as memories fade. This is especially true when you have been injured as a passenger in an Uber-connected accident.

Guide You Through the Medical Treatment and Recovery Process.

In addition to proving fault, the client needs to get the right care in a timely manner for their Uber passenger accident injuries. At Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer, your Uber accident injury attorney near Ontario California, we guide you through your medical treatment, Then, we help you to document medical conditions and pain and suffering

Collect Economic And Medical Expenses.

Jurupa Valley Attorney Alexander Drew Napolin

Jurupa Valley Attorney Alexander Drew Napolin

Legal Help Uber Accident Injuries – Our Napolin Law team has years of experience in navigating accident injuries. So, we implement strong insurance claim tactics and litigation strategies to collect economic and medical expenses on your behalf. If we can’t get a fair settlement from the insurance adjuster, we file and pursue a lawsuit to maximize your outcome.

So, do not wait to enlist the help of an Uber accident personal injury lawyer. Delay could end up being extremely detrimental to collecting compensation needed to get back into the rhythm of life. Besides that, we are here to achieve justice on your behalf. Find out if we can help you, starting with a phone call at no cost. For a free consultation with Alexander D. Napolin, Uber Accident Injury Lawyer, call Napolin Law 1+951-200-5035 today.