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Workers Compensation Most Common Workplace Injuries and Causes

Workers Compensation Most Common Workplace Injuries and Causes

Workers Compensation Most Common Workplace Injuries and Causes

The most common workplace injuries 

Varying in size and industry, there are five common injuries sustained as a result of workplace injuries. 30% of total workers compensation claims are strains and sprains. Followed by 19% of claims caused by cuts or punctures and 12% due to contusions. 10% of total claims were equally divided between inflammation accidents and fractures.

Not all injuries incur the same costs. Although not as common, amputations, dislocations, electric shocks and trauma injuries incurred the highest costs on average in workers compensation claims.

Workers Compensation is insurance provided for employees across the United States. Employers spend around $95 per year on workers compensation insurance.  Workers get injured on the job every day. Some workers are more prone to workers compensation injuries than others. Some of the common workplace injuries are strains and sprains. A large number of workplace  injuries are caused by materials handling, slips and falls and tools accidents.

Workplace injuries based on size

However, the likelihood of sustaining these injuries varies based on business size. In small business, workers sustained cuts and punctures more often on average. In bigger businesses, workers experienced strains and sprains.

Workplace injuries based on industry

Some injuries are more common in one type of industry than another. Naturally, how bad of an injury you have depends in one way or another on the type of work you do. Construction and manufacturing workers often experience more eye injuries than others. Material handling accidents are common in manufacturing and retail businesses. Material handling causes around 40% of injuries. In the same line of work, falling from a height was one of the top causes of workplace injuries in construction and retail. In industries that have continuous exposure to toxic chemicals and materials, workers often sustain skin and lung diseases.

Top Causes of work injuries

Depending on the type of work you do, you can sustain different injuries. As explained above, most accidents result in strains, sprains and cuts. Sometimes workplace accidents lead to fractures or chronic sickness such as skin disease. The following are the most common causes of injuries occurring at work and their percentage in filed claims:

  • Material handling (32 percent of total claims)
  • Slips, trips and falls (16 percent)
  • Being struck by or colliding with an object (10 percent)
  • Accidents involving tools (7 percent)
  • Traumas occurring over time, such as injuries caused by overuse of a body part or strain (4 percent).